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Holiday decorating on a budget

With a spark of imagination, holiday decorating can be inspired yet inexpensive.

Whether you're planning the Christmas party of the century, or burning the Yule log on your own, holiday decorating does not have to break the bank-or your festive spirit.

Your creativity can take you far. Try these tips and projects to make your home a holiday haven, while only spending a Dickens' halfpenny.

1 Christmas close-outs
Check local newspapers often for special ‘close-out' sales. Often lasting only two or three days, close-out sales are gold mines for everything from kitschy candles to bushels of tree lights, at prices lower than wholesale.

2 Festive foraging
Gather nature's ornaments, such as pinecones, acorns and balsam fir tips from the backyard or local park. Add a touch of silver or gold spray paint to your gatherings and arrange in a glass bowl surrounded by votive candles.

3 Christmas aromatherapy
Delight houseguests with the warm scent of a mulling spice bag. Combine whole cloves, allspice, cinnamon sticks, and nutmeg with dried orange and lemon peel in a small piece of cheesecloth secured with elastic. Simmer the spice bag in a pot filled with 3-4 cups of water, and enjoy the aroma.

4 Merry memories
Gather a collection of favourite family and childhood Christmas amaryllis plant is a holiday favourite, and should be potted six weeks before Christmas to yield large, stunning blooms. Pot two or three of the festive ‘Peppermint Stick' variety, which are white, swirled with red.

For more tips on how to decorate on a budget during the holidays, head over to Style at Home's exclusive holiday site!

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