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2012 paint colour trends

See where you fit in when it comes to the diverse palettes that our favourite paint companies have chosen for the coming year.

From an ode to Mother Nature with earth tones and blues, to bright, candy colours that are meant to express optimism in our ever-changing world, 2012 paint trends provide a delightful rainbow of choice to those of us who want to refresh a room. Somber sophistication squares off with rich, vibrant pastels. And what’s clear is that there is no right answer when it comes to the palette you choose for your home. You can select your paint palette based on your current mood or your enduring design aesthetic. Either way, 2012 might just be the year to shake things up. Check out the following paint companies’ picks to see what they’ve identified as key looks for the coming year.

Paint-CIL.jpgCIL paints
According to CIL Paints, a “blushy, lively, juicy red” colour is where it’s at for 2012. And the shade of the year? Tea Dance. According to Alison Goldman from CIL, this hue is like a chameleon because “it’s reassuring or edgy, soft or bright, depending on what it’s paired with. When mixing and matching with other colours, Alison says it pairs well with warm neutrals for a softer look, or with lemonade yellow for a more modern vibe.

Where to use this paint colour palette

“Tea Dance can be used in any room, but is ideally suited to a more energetic environment,” says Alison. We agree and think that this yummy shade has “craft room” written all over it, especially with lots of white accents. “Reds are traditionally thought to increase energy and appetite, so a kitchen, dining room or basement games room would all be beautifully enhanced with Tea Dance,” she adds.

Tea Dance (10YR 21/436), or call 1-800-DURABLE for a CIL retailer near you.

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