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Home decor: All about orange

Colleen Tully

Vibrant and engaging, harvest the power of orange to your home decor.

What is it about a glowing fire or a brilliant summer sunset that holds our attention for hours? The colour orange is a captivating hue that is often overlooked in home decor because of its intensity. But when balanced correctly, orange will add a happy, stimulating and even healing atmosphere to your home space.

Toronto-based designer Carion Fenn ( says orange is a favourite of hers for accenting a room. "The right shade of orange will always emphasize, elaborate and add character to a space," she says.

How to decorate with orange
A mix of strong red and vibrant yellow, orange is a powerful colour that will look beautiful when correctly balanced. Here are Carion's tips for using orange in your home:

In the kitchen: "Orange tones are great for utilizing in the kitchen if your cabinets are white and the space is in desperate need of warmth and character," she says.

In the office: Stimulate your creative juices in the office with sprinkles of orange tones around your work station.

In the living room: Try adding orange patterns as accents in toss cushions, artwork, an area rug, and other accessories to add a splash of colour and life without becoming overwhelming. Carion also suggests creating a focal wall using Benjamin Moore 2170-30 (Autumn Cover) and using Benjamin Moore CC-90 (Natural Linen) for a neutral and clean look on the other walls.

For a bolder look, Carion suggests introducing Benjamin Moore CC-720, Night Train with the above colour suggestions. "These colour values look fabulous with dark wood tones, especially when used in combination with cream or off-white furnishings and window treatments," she says.

In the dining room: Dark, earthy oranges are wonderful for the dining room, creating a great mood and vibe. The darker tones will also stimulate conversation and eating while creating a more dramatic, moodier environment.

Where to avoid orange in the home:
Carion cautions against using orange in the bedroom, entrance way, hallway, and bathrooms. "These are all areas which require a more inviting, subdued colour; you want these spaces to be more calm, relaxing, and inviting," she says.

Carion is the owner of Carion Fenn Interiors. Her work has been featured in New Dreamhomes & Condominium and Loulou magazines, plus she has designed feature spaces sponsored by Chatelaine and Home Décor and has appeared on CITY TV, SUN TV and ROGERS 10 to name a few. In addition to design, she is also poised to launch her own Carion Fenn Designer Furniture Line. Visit her website at



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