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Learn how to transform inexpensive corner-store blooms into colourful design accents. Fresh flowers don't cost a lot and look fantastic!

Rocker Elton John shocked the world when it was discovered that he spends tens of thousands of dollars per week on fresh flowers for his homes, even the ones that sit empty! Luckily, fresh flowers don't have to cost a lot to look fantastic. To prove that, we asked Rosemary Little of Quince Flowers in Toronto for a few quickie ideas to transform inexpensive corner-store blooms into colourful design accents.



Tin can alley
Tin cans with vibrant, eye-popping graphics offer an easy, fun way to display inexpensive market flowers. For a few single stems, remove the contents of the can by opening it with a can opener at the bottom; rinse, then punch three holes through the top using a screwdriver and hammer. Fill a glass with water and place the can over it. Insert a single stem through each hole. For a bunch of flowers, open cans at the top, remove the contents, rinse, fill with water and add flowers.



Precious petals
This sensuous arrangement will add a dash of romance to any party table and extend the enjoyment of roses. Fill each seven-inch glass cylinder vase with the petals from two or three roses (you can buy loose petals or opened blooms at flower shops at huge discounts); lavender, pink and russet petals are especially seductive. Fill the vases with water and add a floating candle to each. Scatter some more petals on the table around the vases.

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