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6 beautiful blooms

Brighten up your rooms with six easy floral arrangements.

Spring or summer, fall or winter, fresh flowers are a delightful way to add colour and life to your home. Decorate mantlepieces or create centrepieces with these six simple projects.

beautifulblooms2.jpgPretty in purple
Hydrangeas are back in style. Show them off in round vases of various sizes (available at most florists and dollar stores). For this simple look, snip flower heads, using one per vase. Hydrangeas tend to be very thirsty; keep them well hydrated with just a little water at a time, which will prevent waterlogging.
Styling tip: A trio of flowers in vases has more presence than a single arrangement. Place them in a row on a table or shelf.

Red heads
Make a big statement with a little bunch of anemones arranged in a large glass vase. Tie stems together with twine and nestle them in some water.
Styling tip: Play with scale by placing small flowers in big vases – you can display them in a large space and the flowers won't get lost.

Orchid magic
For a striking silhouette that will look elegant on a table or mantel, fill a tall vase with water (to within two inches of the top) and invert a stem of orchids, leaving the stem partially exposed. A stem of cymbidiums will last for about a week under water and costs around $30. Orchids come in subtle pinks and whites, as well as vibrant chartreuse, fuchsia and spotted yellow.
Styling tip: Pile orchid blooms in a jar and fill with unscented bath oil; use the oil or just display the jar in your bathroom.

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