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Decorating with faux flowers

Make your home a little happier by decorating with faux flowers.

Flowers are a feel good accessory for any room. Contrasting colours add a nice pop, while complementary ones offer added tranquility. But let’s be honest. Keeping up a constant rotation of fresh flowers is demanding on your time and your wallet.

So why not consider an assortment of faux flowers? Sure – there was a time when they were faux pas. But they’ve come a long way. Many of today’s options are so realistic and beautiful, it’s hard to believe you don’t work full time just to tend to them. That level of realism means they’ll bring charm and grace to any room you put them in without compromising your sense of style. Of course, the best ones can be pricey. But when you consider the time, effort and money involved in keeping fresh ones around, it seems a stress-free way to add some happy to your home.
Phaelanopsis white orchid
An orchid’s simplicity has an immediately calming effect. But they can be tricky to care for. Get the benefit of its beauty without having to fret over its health with this fabulous floral arrangement. Crate and Barrel, $62.62.

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