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Festive floral ideas

Flowers make an occasion special. Lidia Tacconelli of Fiori Floral Design in Toronto offers up these floral guidelines for styling the party room and buffet table.

 Think green
"Evergreens and leaves tend to last the longest, so if you're looking for an arrangement to get you through the holiday season, go for something with cypress, branches, woody pears and poinsettias. I used to be against the holiday poinsettia, but done en masse in a row, they can look great."

Pick a scheme

"You don't have to colour-coordinate your arrangements to your home, but look around and see what colour you think would look best. Red and green are the perennial favourites, but this year, try something new: stick to a neutral floral palette, say whites, but shake it up with colourful containers that add to your overall holiday decor."

Size does matter
"Figure out an appropriate size in relation to your tables and rooms. Multiple arrangements can look fabulous, but if they're too big, they can overpower a space. One suggestion is to have a single large arrangement that can be placed in an entranceway and three smaller arrangements that can be lined up in a row on a table."


"Keep in mind that your table decor doesn't have to be completely floral. One arrangement set between two vases full of Christmas balls makes a beautiful holiday statement. Also, festive fruit displayed in bowls is a great way to add fresh decor without the expense of freshly cut flowers."

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