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20 questions with Design*Sponge

The fabulous Design*Sponge blogger Grace Bonney talks designers, lazy Sundays and her favourite room to decorate.

11 Favourite movie
GB: It's a cross between Bottle Rocket and Amelie.

12 What’s your favourite movie interior?
GB: Amelie’s apartment in Amelie and, sadly, SJP’s apartment in Failure to Launch. Such a bad movie, but what a cute living room!

13 What do you think is the easiest way to update a room?

GB: Paint and fabric -- they're my go-tos. Paint works for walls, floors and furniture for a relatively low cost, so it’s impossible to skip that step for a major makeover. And whenever financially possible, I like to change out upholstery.

14 Favourite coffee table book
GB: The French Laundry Cookbook. I could look at the food all day and never get sick of it. Thomas Keller is amazing -- he’s half of the reason I decided to do the Deisgn*Sponge Book with Artisan publishing.

15 What's your fave way to spend a lazy Sunday?

GB: Sleeping in + brunch + a scooter ride with my husband. It doesn’t take much. I get so little time away from my laptop that when I do, I like to just soak in simple things and spend time with the people I love.

Grace relaxes in the bedroom of her New York City apartment.



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