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20 questions with Jillian Harris

Learn more about Jillian Harris, the Canadian designer and former star of the Bachelorette.

You probably remember Jillian Harris as the star of ABC's The Bachelorette, but did you know that she is first and foremost a talented designer? We get to know the Canadian designer a little better as we ask her about her favourite stores, restaurants, movies as well her design aesthetic.

1 If you could shadow any designer for a day, who would it be?
Jillian Harris: Kelly Wearstler without a doubt!
2 Where do you look for an obscure source of inspiration?
JH: On the road. I always pull over to strange antique shops and trading posts.  
3 Favourite restaurant?  
JH: Of all time? Oh my gosh. I would say Mount Burgess Dining Room at the Emerald Lake Lodge in British Columbia.
4 What’s your favourite room to decorate?

JH: Patios! You can have so much fun with the outdoors.
5 What’s your current paint colour obsession?  

JH: I have to admit cool blues, crisp greys and that smoky teal.
6 If one song could be the soundtrack to your life, what would it be? 
Ummm … Holding Out for Hero by Bonnie Tyler? Haha!
7 What’s the one store you could spend hours browsing?
The Cross Décor in Vancouver. And I Do.
8 London, Paris or New York?  
Paris. I haven't been to London … yet! I love New York but it reminds me of work, and my time in Paris was cut short but I would love to go back, buy a little condo and just chill for a summer.  Last time I was there on a layover, the fresh air smelled like fresh honey.
9 If money were no object, what one thing would you buy?  
A big cabin on a lake in the middle of nowhere (I will buy it one day!)  I’d have goats, chickens and dogs.  Boats, four-wheelers and lots of guest cabins for friends. Oh heck, a float plane too so I could pick everyone up on Friday!
10 What do you consider to be the most iconic design piece of the past century?  
JH: I want to say the Louis chair since I use it in every design but I think that was designed in the 1800s. So, my next favorite is the Shell Fiberglass chair. If not, the toaster!



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