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20 questions with Tara Ballantyne

Style at Home's style and food editor Tara Ballantyne dishes on her design influences, favourite place to shop and more.

Style at Home's resident style and food editor Tara Ballantyne is as full of personality and finesse as her designs. From the most delectable desserts (check out her Dessert of the Month column in each issue!) to her flair for Scandinavian design, Tara exudes a simple and sophisticated style that's accented with whimsy and embellished with creativity. Find out all about Tara's personal style, design influences and how she spends a lazy Sunday afternoon - all in just 20 questions.

For this recipe, check out Coconut lime cupcakes. Photography by Joe Kim.
1 If you could shadow any designer for a day, who would it be?
Tara Ballantyne If I could shadow any designer it would be interior stylist Sibella Court, and her brother photographer Chris Court. They are both so individually talented and make the most beautifully inspired images.

2 Where do you look for an obscure source of inspiration?
When I’m really struggling, I go to a sports store and check out the wall of running shoes. Design teams have to come up with different designs almost monthly, but in the same format. I find that creativity within a small frame inspiring!

3 Favorite restaurant?
It’s a tie between Kolonihagen in Oslo Norway and Pizzaria Bianco in Phoenix, Arizona.

4 Whats your favourite room to decorate?
Home office spaces are a favourite. I love to outfit them with clean lines and lots of built-in cabinets… and I am obsessed with stationery, pens and organizing!
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