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Inside design: Jonathan Adler

Learn more about Jonathan Adler, a fabulous designer and potter whose love for colour is contagious.

Who: Jonathan Adler, potter with a penchant for interior design, author and television personality, who recently collaborated with Lacoste on a special collection that will be available mid-November 2011.

Why we love Jonathan: His manifesto stipulates, “Minimalism is a bummer,” “Colours can’t clash,” and “Your home should make you happy,” and indeed, thanks to these irreverently fabulous mantras, he makes us happy. Adler-Lacoste.jpg
Style at Home: What inspired your recent collection with Lacoste?
Jonathan Adler: I’ve been rocking Lacoste since I was 10 years old – obsessively, compulsively, like an addict. So when they came to me, I was ecstatic. I felt like a kid hearing the sound of the ice cream truck coming! My goal was to capture Lacoste’s preppy, sporty, country-club-chic spirit and marry that with my design sensibility: fun, colourful and playful.

S@H: How would you describe your style?
Optimistic luxury rooted in Modernist design, with a top note of country-club style.

All photography courtesy of Jonathan Adler unless otherwise noted.


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