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Inside design: Thom Filicia

The chief of chic, designer Thom Filicia is the superhero of style.

He’s the chief of chic, known for his inspiring interiors and for famously saving straight men from certain design doom on the hit show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (2003-2007).

Style at Home: When designing a small space, where do you start?
Thom Filicia: Be efficient with the way you use space. Make it multi-functional – your communal areas should be able to go from everyday to evening entertaining. To maximize space, you have to understand furniture layout, traffic flow, lighting and storage (which is a big deal in a small space). Be clever integrating those elements, and use designer tricks.

S@H: What kinds of tricks?
TF: Applying high-gloss paint to the ceiling to make a room seem taller. And using mirrors to open up a room. A mirror can be used in a way where you don’t see it as a mirror but rather as the illusion of having space. It’s very effective. If a small space has only one window, you can create the illusion of two windows with an extra mirror, which will also bounce light into the room.

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