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Backyard makeover: A DIY renovation

Television host and author Karen Bertelsen, transformed her small and not-so-attractive-anymore backyard into a restful retreat.

Fourteen years ago, I bought a house based mainly on the beauty of the backyard. The kitchen, the bathroom and the basement were a completely different story, but the backyard was a calming oasis of slate and cedar, highlighted by a natural-looking pond and moss-covered boulders. It was breathtaking, until I realized, some years later, that it wasn’t anymore. I don’t know when it happened exactly, but one morning I took a look outside and faced the facts: The slate was crumbling, the planter beds had rotted and the pond was leaking and falling in on itself. I quickly added up how much it would cost to get everything fixed by professionals and, just as quickly, crossed that thought off my list of options.

Before the backyard makeover

Click on this image to see how this backyard was transformed.
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