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Check out our tips to add beautiful night lights to your outdoor space.

Decorating your home with pretty outdoor lights is a beautiful way to make your space feel festive during the holiday season. However, choosing the right lights for your house can be a challenge. To make shopping for lights easier this season, we've asked Allison Duffy from Canadian Tire, for some of her best outdoor lighting tips. 

Style at Home: What are the best lights to use to give your home's exterior some holiday spirit?
Allison Duffy:
When shopping for lights, you will find a vast array of colours, shapes, bulb sizes, lengths, and technologies available. This allows for great creativity when it comes to home decor.

To some, a festive holiday look involves lighting their home and front yard with lots of colour changing lights or lights with special effects that create more of a light show. Others have a “less is more” view, choosing to decorate smaller areas or with less colour.

Typically, larger size bulbs, such as C9 size bulbs, are recommended for stringing along a roofline. Smaller bulbs, like C6 and mini bulbs, are used to decorate porches, trees and shrubs. However, there are no rules. It’s really all about achieving the look you like.

The good news is that there are lights that cater to all tastes, preferences and budgets. Whether it is the traditional incandescent bulb or the latest in LED technoloy you will find a great number of available options. 

Lead image courtesy of Pottery Barn.


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