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Outdoor space: Chic courtyard

See beyond the concrete and create an exterior entertaining space that is sophisticated and functional.

The transformation of Paul Vivian and Mark Pundzius's 12' x 19' garden from a concrete parking spot to a classically styled courtyard with cooking, entertaining and gardening zones is miraculous. Despite health challenges, Paul worked in the garden over the course of six summers. "At moments, the fully formed garden would come into my head, then Mark would help refine the ideas," he says. "While out there one day at 5 a.m., I realized I had no desire to change or move anything. Our garden was perfect. It was one of my happiest moments." The process and the result, he says, has made their garden a truly healing space.

Eating area
"It was Mark's idea to have curved railings," says owner Paul Vivian. "They added a sense of entrance." The sweeping lines also balance all the squares. The original porch worked, so the couple just expanded it. "The raised barbecure area is out of the way of the socializing area," says Paul. The elevation change increases the garden's functionality and creates an expansive feel. Paul backed the layered latticework with solid wood, tin and mirror, and hung a valance for privacy. A collapsible table hangs on the side of the house when not in use.



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