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2014 design trends

Designer Jessica Kelly shares her trend forecast for what will dominate decorating schemes in 2014.

With each new year comes new design trends, and while for some of us that means adding a few new touches to an existing look, for others, it means a complete overhaul of a space. For Toronto designer Jessica Kelly, yearly design trends simply act as an update to her signature style. “Although I embrace the traditional and veer towards designs that transcend any fad, I also welcome the fresh energy that the au courant can bring to a project,” she says.

As for what’s going to be big for 2014? “It’s all about contrasts, from pairing classic with contemporary to the timeless combination of black and white,” says Jessica. Here, Jessica shares her design trend forecast, revealing what she says will dominate decorating schemes in 2014.
Photography courtesy of Virginia Macdonald

1 Classic juxtaposed against contemporary

Whether you have traditional decor or prefer a fully modern look in your home, 2014 is all about adding contrasting elements to create an updated look. “If you steer towards a classic style, try adding a few modern touches, like pairing the elegant silhouette of a traditional camel back sofa with a contemporary glass coffee table or a Philippe Starck lucite chair,” suggests Jessica.

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