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5 ways to create the perfect home office

Create your dream home office with these five easy tips.

It’s a sign of the times nowadays that nearly half of all Canadian small businesses are now run from home. Whether you use your home office to make your living, pay bills or work at the computer, making your workspace comfortable and efficient can greatly improve the hours you spend there. And if it’s stylish, inviting and properly organized, you’ll look forward to going to work every day – whether you’re creating spreadsheets or writing your memoirs.
1 Colourful creativity
One of the many advantages of the home office design is you don’t have to settle for the serious, neutral, beige decor of the corporate world. Start by painting it in a colour that stimulates (or if you prefer, relaxes) you. Yellow is thought to stimulate cheerful, positive thinking, while warm tans and soft blues help keep stress down. Avoid pure white, which tends to get dirty and can be fatiguing.

Give your office some executive polish with great artwork and an attractive area rug, which can help to minimize noise and is comfortable underfoot. If you have the space, the room should have an extra chair or loveseat with its own lighting for a change of scenery.  

2 Lighten up
Think carefully about the lighting options in general. A good task light at your desk is a must. While a pretty table lamp may seem like an attractive choice, a desk lamp with an adjustable arm allows you to control the direction of the light and avoid glare on a computer screen. There are many well-designed desk lamps available nowadays, from reasonably priced models at IKEA to mid-century modern classics costing hundreds of dollars. Overhead ambient lighting, especially if you work at night, is also important to help reduce eyestrain.

Keep reading to learn about comfort and organization in the home office.

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