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6 fall design trends

6 easy ways to bring the latest fall design trends into your home.

With the fall season officially upon us, it’s time to put away those bright summer accents and mix in warm, cozy and inviting elements to your home decor. If the chilly season means you’ll be hunkering down in your home more and more, these tips for using this season's fall design trends will help you update your home and make it more comfortable.

“Seasonal trends are hard,” admits Paige Johnston, Lux Design’s Condo Quickie lead designer based in Calgary. “What I find is people can’t really justify buying a whole sofa in the current ‘it’ shade, such as last season’s Tangerine Tango.” But what people can do, suggests Paige, is play with accessories, accents and small touches to help draw in trends, yet still keep your home in your design style.  “Just save and splurge and get in splashes that make sense to you,” she advises. “Incorporate the trends with candles, mixing your metals, throwing on a couple of bold graphic patterns with out breaking the bank.” And fall’s design trends are perfect for adding in small touches without spending a lot of money. “Pillows, frames, fabrics … it doesn’t have to be a big statement piece,” says Paige. “Remember, you don’t have change your whole home to match a trend. It shouldn’t be scary!”

Here are six easy ways to bring the latest fall design trends into your home.
1 Bold graphic patterns
“You watch fashion trends and it comes into home trends as well, “says Paige. Nothing could be truer than the love fashion designers have right now for big, bold, in-your-face prints on the runways. Translate it for your home in a slightly less dramatic way with throw cushions and wallpapers that can add not only colour splashes, but a wonderful mix of texture.  “Try a chevron wallpaper as a feature wall in your office or kid’s room; this adds a fun way to add texture and colour,” she says. “Think about the interest of pattern, not necessarily the scale. Small or big can work, but think about having it present in your home.” Chevron Wall Stencil, Esty, $34 US.
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