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Bloggers' fave fall design trends

12 fabulous decor bloggers dish on their favourite design trends for fall.

Photography courtesy of Lisa Mackay.

Lisa Mackay, Wicked & Weird
"My favourite trend is definitely wood. Maybe it is because of a long family history in the lumber business (no doubt), but I definitely grew up with an appreciation for the natural beauty and warmth of wood. My Dad is a wonderful craftsman (with a degree in forestry engineering to boot), and has always worked with wood. He can tell at a glance what type of wood something is made of, and has such a reverence for a beautiful grain that it was impossible not to pick that up. As a result, I would say that I teeter towards the side of too much wood, of every kind and colour, all jammed together in our house (Sarah Richardson would NOT approve). I can't seem to resist objects made of wood - I love the simple, earthy look of it and its innate warmth and character. Hopefully my place won't be hopelessly passe in the spring when the next trends come along."

Lisa Mackay has long had an obsession with beautiful things and creative thinking (apparently it's a Taurean trait). Her blog, Wicked & Weird, shares her many finds with friends - from design, art, and architecture to music, crafts, and her own creative projects..

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