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Decorate your Christmas tree in 5 easy steps

In honour of the main holiday showpiece, here are five no-fail steps everyone should take to decorate their treasured Christmas tree.

Within every family, there’s something special about the sacred ritual of decorating the Christmas tree. Maybe it’s the careful unwrapping of the ornaments from their tissue beds, each conjuring a memory of holidays past. Or perhaps it’s the moment when everyone gathers around the finished tree, revelling in its glowing beauty. Whatever it may be, there are things about the annual trimming of the tree that we all share. Here, we’ve put together the basic steps to create a beautiful Christmas tree, each with room for personal interpretation. Because it doesn’t matter if your pretty Christmas tree ornaments match or what colour scheme you choose – it’s family coming together and sharing the moment that makes it so special.

Your unadorned evergreen tree is a blank slate, but there is a logical order to decorating its boughs. Follow our guide to ensure that your lights glow, your garlands glimmer and your ornaments shine.

7 material must-haves
  • Evergreen tree
  • Tree stand
  • Tree skirt
  • Lights
  • Garlands
  • Ornaments
  • Tree topper
Step 1: Setting up the tree
Place your tree in a tree stand on a towel to protect the floor from any spills. If you feel you require extra sturdiness, pile a few bricks or pavers around it. Prune any unruly branches. Give the tree a generous watering and sweep away any needles that have fallen.

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