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Hanukkah decor and entertaining ideas

This Hanukkah, get inspired with these fun and festive decor and entertaining ideas!

hanukkah-meta-9ideas.jpg9 Hanukkah decor ideas
Are you hosting a Hanukkah meal this year? If so, these pretty home decor items will help beautify your home for the celebration.

hanukkah-meta-interior-decoratin.jpgInterior: Decorating for Hanukkah
Take a style note from this home that's been decorated for Hanukkah.

hanukkah-meta-prepareyourhome.jpgPrepare your home to celebrate Hanukkah
Give these crafts, decor and food ideas a try for a wonderful Hanukkah celebration.

hanukkah-meta-decorative-dessert.jpgDecorative Hanukkah dessert ideas
Dress your Hanukkah tabletop with these fun and festive decorative dessert ideas!

hanukkah-meta-beeswaxcandles.jpgBeeswax candles for Hanukkah

Make these pretty homemade candles to celebrate Hanukkah.

hanukkah-meta-matzo.jpgHanukkah matzo bark

Make these delicious sweet and crunchy treats for Hanukkah this year.

hanukkah-meta-latkes.jpgLatkes 4 ways

Try these delicious latke variations for your Hanukkah celebration this year.

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