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Tour the set: American Hustle

Production designer Judy Becker revamps 1970s style on the set of the Oscar nominated film, American Hustle.

interior-a-hustle-livingroom.jpg Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures; Photo by Alex Linde

3 The Rosenfelds’ ranch living room

The essential colours of American Hustle’s various sets are blue, gold and brown. Nowhere are they more evident and on full display than in Rosalyn and Irving’s suburban living room in a ranch-style house. Blue carpeting carries over from the bedroom, golds and browns decorate the walls in the form of wallpaper and sculpture, but burnished red velvet seating deliberately throws off the colour scheme. Why? Because Rosalyn’s decorating style is maximalist and brash, suitably a little bit off-kilter to go with her zany personality. The flat angelstone brickwork fireplace is immediately recognizable to anyone who has ever lived in, or even visited a 1960s or 1970s-era home in North America.

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