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Fancy lace window coverings

Use lace-printed window film for an easy way to dress up your windows.

From cool British designer Emma Jeffs comes this fabulous invention—lace-printed window film. Sure, there are other window films on the market, but this is the chicest, most on-trend version—lace is hot right now, thanks to its domination of recent runway shows. I love this stuff as an unfussy way to dress windows for privacy, but still allow light to filter in.

The film comes in 100x120cm rolls. To apply, just spritz the surface with water, peel off the backing, then apply the film. The damp surface allows you to move the film around to get it in just the right position, then you can smooth out any bubbles. Apply it to any glass, mirror or acrylic surface.

Another bonus—when you are tired of it, it's easy to peel off and doesn't leave any gluey residue (but you can't reuse it). It's also available in a few different designs and colours. Check out or Keep in mind, if you order this product from England or the U.S., shipping and duty charges will apply (but I think it's worth it!).

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