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8 essentials for a family-friendly living room

8 essentials for a family-friendly living room Author: Style At Home

Design Lesson

8 essentials for a family-friendly living room

Your living room is the cornerstone of the home. From the pitter-patter of little feet to kicking up your own, you want it to be safe and comfortable. But that shouldn’t come at the expense of style! Designing a family-friendly living room is easier than you think. There are lots of ways to create a look that can take a beating but still clean up well for company. From easy-to-care-for fabrics to display cases that keep dust and little hands at bay, you can be practical and stylish all at once.

If you’re looking for a rug that completes the look of your room, but won’t put you into debt every time someone spills something, try a bamboo area rug. It looks great and is easily cleaned with a wipe or a shake. Crate and Barrel, $25.21 - $251.44.
This playful piece adds interest to a living room or playroom alike. It makes a perfect footrest, extra table or even an extra seat – it’s great for sitting on. Soft, with no hard edges, it’s also easy on little heads that might bump into it! Zeldabelle on Etsy, $125.
Let’s face it – you’re a grown up who owns grown up things. Don’t fret about packing away your objets d’art and travel mementos. Find a cabinet like this to suit your home decor and keep all your cherished items on display, but out of reach from curious little hands. Dwell Studio, $3285.



This sofa has comfort and style written all over it. Clean lines keep it classic, but the brushed cotton has a soft, well-worn look that’s very inviting. The pre-treated fabric wipes clean with a sponge – no matter what the kids throw at it. Crate and Barrel, $2479.90.

Get a rich, sophisticated look with leather that’s easy to maintain and won’t stain. Resilient, stylish and versatile, you can let little ones be little ones without any worry. West Elm, $841.29.

Pillow covers
Want something that the whole family feels comfortable cozying up with? These throw pillow covers say ‘hug me’ over and over again. The texture and muted colours complement both bold and neutral rooms. West Elm, $37.

Coffee table
This leather ottoman is not just a great coffee table. It’s both soft enough to cushion a fall and easily moved out of harm’s way thanks to rolling casters. Crate and Barrel, $1696.36.

Side table
Don’t pare your room down to the bare essentials in an effort to achieve family-friendly style. Keep things interesting with accents like this table. Its robust, curved design makes it kid-friendly while giving you an attractive place to rest your coffee and magazines. Crate and Barrel, $162.99-251.44.

Find out what Steven and Chris recommend when creating a family-friendly living room.


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Design Lesson

8 essentials for a family-friendly living room