Design Lesson

99 problems but a couch ain't one

99 problems but a couch ain't one Author: Style At Home

Design Lesson

99 problems but a couch ain't one

New house? Check. Keys? Check. Sofa? Check. So – now what?

Moving in to a new space is an exciting time, whether it’s a rental or a purchase, a family home or a studio apartment. You’ve likely found the perfect sofa as the centerpiece of your new home and are eager to design your space around it. But for every new decorating project there are a number of frustrating design dilemmas to go along with it. Perhaps the architecture is more traditional than your modern tastes prefer. Maybe the shower window looks directly into the neighbour’s house. Or – gasp! – your entire basement is covered in horrible ‘70s paneling!

You might have 99 design dilemmas in your new home, but we’ve got savvy solutions to fix them all. Read on for some of the frustrating design issues homeowners encounter when they move into a new space and creative ways to work around them.

99-problems-kitchens.jpg99 problems: Kitchens

99-problems-bedrooms.jpg99 problems: Bedrooms

99-problems-bathrooms.jpg99 problems: Bathrooms

99-problems-living-rooms.jpg99 problems: Living rooms

99-problems-dining-rooms.jpg99 problems: Dining rooms

99-problems-home-offices.jpg99 problems: Home offices

99-problems-basements.jpg99 problems: Basements and attics

99-problems-kids-family.jpg99 problems: Kids and family rooms

99-problems-doors.jpg99 problems: Doors, ceilings and floors

99-problems-foyers.jpg99 problems: Foyers, stairs and hallways

99-problems-walls.jpg99 problems: Walls and windows

99-problems-more.jpg99 problems: More problems



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Design Lesson

99 problems but a couch ain't one