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Trendspotting: Trompe l'oeil

Trendspotting: Trompe l'oeil Author: Style At Home

Design Lesson

Trendspotting: Trompe l'oeil

Look closely, for these trendy kitchenware accessories, what you see isn’t necessarily what you get. We took our cue from this espresso cup in disguise and found the coolest kitchenware that ’s guaranteed to fool you (at least ) once.
Looks like: A crumpled plastic cup

But it's: A porcelain tumbler made for hot cups of coffee. Revol Froissés Collection porcelain Espresso Crumple tumbler in Blueberry, Cookworks, $15. trendspotting-ceramic-bowl.jpg
Looks like: A standard-issue plastic colander

But it's: A cool, counter-worthy porcelain one. Donna Hay porcelain colander, Indigo, $70. trendspotting-ceramic-eggholder.jpg
Looks like:
A cardboard egg carton.

But it’s:
A charming ceramic tray for storing your eggs in style. Ceramic Half Dozen egg tray in White, Fishs Eddy, $10 USD. trendspotting-ceramic-vase.jpg
Looks like: A crumpled white paper bag.

But it’s:
A delicate yet striking porcelain vase. Makoto Komatsu porcelain Crinkle Bag vase, MoMA Design Store, $120 USD. trendspotting-ceramic-cup.jpg
Looks like: Classic cottage-style tin enamelware.

But it’s: Stoneware – dents included! Stoneware Enamel Look mug, Abbott, $5, Espresso Cup, Abbott, $3, and Cappuccino Cup, Abbott, $4. trendspotting-ceramic-mug.jpg Looks like: A stack of pretty china teacups.

But they’re: Bake-and-serve silicone cupcake moulds. Silicone Teacupcakes cupcake moulds, Ma Cuisine, $22 per set of 4.
trendspotting-ceramic-milk.jpg Looks like: No-name milk cartons.

But they’re: Artfully crafted porcelain containers for coffee accoutrements. Jeremy Hatch porcelain Best Before creamers, Made, from $45 each. trendspotting-ceramic-carton.jpg Looks like: A market-stand berry box.

But it’s: A wash-and-serve-style porcelain colander. Porcelain Berry Box colander, Crate&Barrel, $5.


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Design Lesson

Trendspotting: Trompe l'oeil