Flower Arranging

Beautiful floral arrangements for every room

Beautiful floral arrangements for every room Author: Style At Home

Flower Arranging

Beautiful floral arrangements for every room

With all the beautiful blooms this time of the year, it's a great time to take advantage of these botanical blessings to decorate the home. The variety of flowers and ways to display them seem endless - how can you possibly decide? Take a good survey of your home. Take into account the decor, colour schemes, natural light, and possible display surfaces. From there you can play around with your floral arrangements to best enhance your home. Here are 12 perfect perrenial displays to get you inspired.

Photography by Stacey Brandford.

Forsythia branches

A bundle of bright yellow forsythia branches stand tall in this cylindrical ceramic vase. Placing this arrangement in a large, well-lit room only make the colours of the blossoms and blue-and-white vase all the more vibrant. florals-white-hydrangeas.jpg
Photography by Virginia MacDonald.

White hydrangeas

White hydrangeas pillowing out of a polished silver bowl create a brilliant contrast against an industrial backdrop, such as red brick. The large blooms soften the space while the polished silver adds that hint of glam. florals-cockscomb.jpg
Photography by Donna Griffith.


One look at cockscomb and you're instantly entranced by its intricate and intriguing design. Keep it simple, in a clear glass vase, and let the flower speak for itself. florals-pink-dahlias.jpg
Photography by Stacey Van Berkel-Haines.

Pink dahlias
A small bouquet of pink dahlias add the perfect pop of colour to a small space. Since this is a smaller arrangement, it works perfectly on a coffee table, side table or bookshelf. florals-berry-branches.jpg
Photography by Robin Stubbert.

Berry branches

Berry branches are beautiful and vibrant on their own, stacked high in an oversized mason jar. The pinks, greens and browns of the berries, leaves and branches create a playful floral focal point against a dark backdrop. florals-fresh-cuts.jpg
Photography by Edward Pond.

Eclectic flowers

Try a relaxed, yet interesting floral arrangement by using fresh cut daisies, mums, freesias, orchids and eryngiums in various drinking glasses and ceramic bowls. Elevate this cosy look by displaying them on or against woven textiles, such as tablecloths or placemats. florals-tulips.jpg
Photography by Donna Griffith.

Tulip rainbow

If your home is relatively neutral in its colour palette, let your decor accessories bring the room to life. An assortment of multi-coloured tulips, loosely displayed in a simple white porcelain vase make any room look fresh and inviting. florals-dogwood.jpg
Photography by Virginia MacDonald.


Bring drama to a large room using tall dogwood branches. The colourful blooms really bounce off a dark wall and displays beautifully in a room with rich colours and patterns. florals-bowl-sprigs.jpg
Photography by Virginia MacDonald.

Bowlful of blooms

Lilac and flowering cherry sprigs are fabulous just on their own. Lay some in a variety of coloured, glass bowls for a casual and relaxed display. florals-antique-can.jpg
Photography by Stacey Van Berkel-Haines.

Vintage display

Create contrast between pretty peonies and roses by displaying them in a vintage vessel, such as an antique tin coffee pot. The juxtaposition of the aged pot against the fresh flowers makes an interesting and unexpected display. florals-dried-hydrangeas.jpg
Photography by Monic Richard.

Dried hydrangeas

Hydrangeas always make a spectacular floral display, but when they're dried they develop a deliciously rich, muted colour that look fantastic pouring out of a colourful vase. florals-peacock.jpg
Photography by Donna Griffith.

Peacock feathers

Long peacock feathers in a tall glass vase add texture and height to a room, not to mention gorgeous, rich colours.


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Flower Arranging

Beautiful floral arrangements for every room