High or Low

High/low: Farmhouse-inspired breakfast nook

High/low: Farmhouse-inspired breakfast nook Author: Style At Home

High or Low

High/low: Farmhouse-inspired breakfast nook

Low $1,357

High $4,756

Plate display
It’s easy to create an eye-catching display with mismatched dishes you’ve collected over the years by hanging them on a wall with wire plate hangers. Link together vintage finds, hand-me-downs and one-off splurges by palette and theme: Here, we serve up a selection of brights and botanicals for a cohesive look.

{1} Stoneware Amicable Aster dinner plate. $24 US.
{2} Natural World new bone china Green Bugs dessert plate. $18 US.
{3} Stoneware Champignons plate. Anthropologie, $24 US.
{4} Ceramic cow-shaped wall hook. HomeSense, $13.
{5} Natural World new bone china Hummingbird dessert plate. $18 US.
{6} Stoneware Hummingbird dinner plate. Anthropologie, $24 US.
{7} 1930s hand-painted ceramic plate. $25.
{8} Colport bone china dinner plate. Cynthia Findlay Antiques, $110.
{9} Natural World new bone china Chameleon dessert plate. $18 US.
{10} Stoneware De Vincennes Berries dinner plate. Anthropologie, $24 US.
{11} Stoneware Chickadee plate in orange. Crate and Barrel, $10.
{12} Natural World new bone china Bee dessert plate. Anthropologie, $18 US.
{13} Porcelain Chase plate in yellow. Crate and Barrel, $7.

Decorative dishes
If, in the real world, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then in the decor world, the dishes it’s presented on merit equal esteem. Here, subtle interest is infused through unique pieces like the ceramic basket and milk carton-shaped creamer, while the mostly white palette offers a clean, fresh start to the day – we don’t want anything too loud or too busy for our early mornings! But whatever you pick, make it something you love. After all, a day that starts in style ends in style. (Is that a saying? well, we think it should be.)

{1} Atelier des Cent Ans large porcelain bowl with blue Moroccan pattern ($120) and white porcelain bowl ($60). Mjolk.
{2} Ceramic basket. Williams-Sonoma, $56.
{3} Semiotics juice glass. Anthropologie, $10 US.
{4} Opalescent tumbler in blue. Anthropologie, $12 US. Ole Jensen Surface egg cup. Mjolk, $45.

Hans Wegner's wishbone chair
Since their original manufacture in 1950, Hans Wegner’s chic, sculptural Wishbone chairs have exploded into a seemingly limitless variety of colour, from lavender to lemon to olive to peach.

{1} Natural
{2} Chartreuse
{3} Black
{4} Sky blue

Available at Design Within Reach, from $849 US each.


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High or Low

High/low: Farmhouse-inspired breakfast nook