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Cider: A plentiful resource

Cider: A plentiful resource Author: Style At Home

Food Tips

Cider: A plentiful resource

Three things you may not know about cider

  • Cider refers only to the drink made with apples. Other fruit drinks have their own names – perry, for instance, is the cider equivalent made with pears.
  • Because it was cheaper than beer and apples were so plentiful, cider was part of the daily diet for North American settlers.
  • Farm workers used to steal apples and make their own rough cider, called scrumpy.

Two ways to try cider right now

  • As a baste for roast pork.
  • With shredded cabbage in coleslaw.

Two apples that make the best cider

  • Golden russet
  • Northern spy

One way to celebrate with cider
  • Go wassailing. Fill a wassail bowl with cider, go outside and ‘toast' the trees to ensure their fertility in the coming year.

Four places to buy the best cider

  • Merridale Cider Works, Cobble Hill, B.C.
  • The Cider Keg, Vittoria, Ont.
  • Cidrerie Fleurs de Pommiers, Dunham, Que.
  • Foote Family Farm, Kings County, N.S.

One tip you can't live without

  • Most non-commercial cider isn't pasteurized, so keep it refrigerated.


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Food Tips

Cider: A plentiful resource