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Essential mustard

Essential mustard Author: Style At Home

Food Tips

Essential mustard

Three things you may not know about mustard

  • Canada – particularly Saskatchewan – is the world's largest exporter of mustard seed.
  • Turmeric is often added to mustard to give it its distinctive yellow colour.
  • The mustard plant is part of the cabbage family.

One tip you can't live without

  • Add only cold water to dry mustard powder to create the signature tangy paste.

Three types of mustard to keep on hand

  • English mustard, with its strong, intense flavour, is the perfect companion to roast meats and strong cheeses.
  • French mustard, usually mixed with other herbs, spices, vinegars and wines, is best used in dressings and sauces.
  • Traditional American mustard, which has barely any heat, is an indispensable condiment for hot dogs and hamburgers.

Two ways to try mustard right now

  • Toast small black mustard seeds from India until they pop, then sprinkle them on flat bread for a slightly spicy, nutty flavour.
  • Use mustard greens in salads, or simmer in broth and use them as you would spinach.

One collectible to buy when you see it

  • Antique French earthenware mustard pots, with narrow necks and bulbous shapes.


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Food Tips

Essential mustard