Food Tips

Everything you need to know about pepper

Everything you need to know about pepper Author: Style At Home

Food Tips

Everything you need to know about pepper

3 things you may not know about peppercorns
  • Their colour reflects the different stages of development (green are unripe, black are half ripe and white are very ripe).
  • Peppercorns help digestion. The skin of a peppercorn facilitates the breakdown of fat cells in the body, to help keep us healthy.
  • Pink peppercorns are not partof the pepper family, but are berries from the Baies Roseplant, native to South America.

1 tip you can’t live without

  • A peppercorn’s outer shell helps seal in freshness. Pepper is best served freshly ground; the flavour will begin to change within about 30 minutes of grinding.

2 ways to try pepper right now

  • In a vinaigrette. Add pink peppercorns for a delicately sweet and spicy flavour, or as a garnish on top of your salad.
  • In Jacques’ special Five Pepper Blend. The unique Canadian combination is available through Crousset in Orford, Quebec.

2 types of pepper to look for at your specialty grocer

  • The long pepper, native to Indonesia, has a distinctive shape and a delicate flavour. This long-bodied peppercorn pairs well with lamb or vegetable dishes.
  • Grains of Paradise, originally thought only to grow in Eden, but are actually native to West Africa, and make a delightful substitute for cardamom and black pepper.

1 tool to keep on hand

  • Ceramic mortars and pestles, which are non-porous and lighter than their marble counterparts, are the best way to grind peppercorns for a fresh sprinkle added to meals every day.


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Food Tips

Everything you need to know about pepper