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Out-to-lunch picnic ideas

Out-to-lunch picnic ideas Author: Style At Home

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Out-to-lunch picnic ideas

Pic•nic \ 'pik-(,)nik \ [fr. F pique=nique] (1748)
1: an excursion or outing with food eaten in the open
2a: a pleasant or amusingly carefree experience

Traditionalists might say that the authentic way to have a picnic is whiling away a warm afternoon on a blanket in a clearing by a river. Cucumber sandwiches and ginger beer might be on the menu, along with cold roast chicken and potato salad, all packed in a wicker basket. But the reality is that a picnic can happen virtually anywhere, with any food you have on hand, and that leaving a little bit to chance is part of the fun.

We recommend heading for the hills on a summer afternoon with only the bare essentials in tow. Be original-a vintage suitcase instead of a wicker basket and an old enamelware flask, for example. Try a route along a fruit belt, and spend an hour picking your own cherries or blueberries, adding them to a pretty gingham holdall to take along. Choose a perfect homemade pie and a handful of ripe tomatoes from a roadside stand. The thrill of this adventure is what you can find on the way. But don't despair if the pickings are slim, or you take a wrong turn. Even fast-food restaurants have healthy options these days. Look for a sweet shady spot off a main road, then take a walk, parasol in hand, and make the day your own.

Perfect picnic spots in Canada
• Lighthouse Park, Vancouver, BC

• Two Jack Lake, Banff, AB

• Kakabeka Falls, Thunder Bay, ON

• Lévis Terrace, Quebec City, QC

• Pointe Wolfe, Bay of Fundy, NB

• Graves Island Provincial Park, Chester, NS


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Holidays & Entertaining

Out-to-lunch picnic ideas