17 heart healthy recipes

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17 heart healthy recipes

One of the best ways to keep your heart healthy is to eat right. And eating right, according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, means eating a variety of foods that are low in fat and high in nutrients. Canada's Food Guide is broken up into four categories: fruits and vegetables, whole grain products, lower-fat meat and alternatives and finally, milk and alternatives. Getting the right amount of daily exercise and nutrition from these four food groups can contribute to a healthier life - and heart! These 17 heart healthy recipes will inspire you to kick-start a lifelong habit of good eating.

1 Green bean salad
A lovely light salad that's a perfectly healthy first course.

2 Apple fennel celery salad
This recipe includes something from three of the four food groups. Serve it with whole grain bread or crackers and you've got all four covered!

3 Almond orange crusted chicken
This light, flavourful chicken is the perfect for a healthy weeknight dinner.

4 Stuffed zucchini boats
These tasty and nutritious zucchini boats will certainly satisfy your family's hunger.

5 Fava bean salad
This simple salad is perfect as a first course or light side dish.

6 Quinoa and barley salad

This lovely salad includes two different whole grains, quinoa and barley, giving it a nutritious kick.

7 Bean and grain salad with Canadian feta
This salad is packed with nutrition and perfect for a midday pick me up.  

8 Steel cut oatmeal with marmalade and toasted pecans
Start your day off right with this delicious heart healthy recipe.

9 Grilled vegetable platter
This yummy, heart healthy recipe is an easy way to get in a couple of servings of veggies.

10 Granola
This make-ahead recipe is perfect for a snack, parfait or breakfast.

11 Halibut with spiced Moroccan sauce

Simple and delicious, this fish dish will definitely impress your guests.

12 Maple soy glazed salmon
This maple and soy glazed salmon is a cinch to make and is packed with flavour.

13 Pumpkin and string bean salad
The perfect balance between hot and sweet makes this salad so scrumptious!

14 Mandarin grilled chicken salad
Cook the grilled chicken ahead for an easy lunch option.

15 Lentil and goat cheese salad
This super-easy and healthy salad packs a nutritious punch with only five ingredients.

16 Vanilla soy milk panna cotta
This panna cotta is made heart healthy with soy milk and soy sour cream.

17 Mango frozen yogurt
This recipe is an easy fix for a dessert dilemma.


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17 heart healthy recipes