25 delicious and delectable apple recipes

25 delicious and delectable apple recipes

25 delicious and delectable apple recipes Author: Style At Home


25 delicious and delectable apple recipes

It wasn't easy to narrow down, but these are just a few of our favourite apple recipes. These classics are always satisfying so don't be shy to try them for yourself or for Thanksgiving dinner with your family.
1 Apple crisp
This is the perfect recipe to whip up at a moment's notice.

2 Classic apple pie
The winner of an Ontario apple pie contest, this recipe will not disappoint.

3 Rustic apple galette

This upside-down apple pie is always a crowd pleaser - especially when served with spiced ice cream and whisky sauce!

4 Baked apples with cider butter sauce
Spiced cherries warm up this healthy and delicious baked treat.

These are some of our favourite apple treats from So go ahead and satisfy your sweet tooth - try one (or all) of these awesome apple recipes.

1 Apple plum raisin strudel
This rustic apple dessert is perfect for your next pot luck.

Apple cinnamon pizza
Kids can mix ingredients and top the pizza in this simple and delicious dessert.

3 Apple fig bread pudding with maple walnut sauce
Your day-old bread gets a second chance in this decadent dessert.

4 Apple fritters
This tried and true classic will please even the pickiest eater.

5 Apple spice muffins
Perfectly healthy, this apple recipe is great for breakfast on the go.

6 Caramel apples
These sweet treats are always a hit for you and your kids. Any leftover caramel can be cooled and broken into chunks for a sweet snack later.

7 Chewy apple berry smoothie
Packed with fibre, this easy and delicious apple berry smoothie will start your day off right.

8 Apple and spinach salad with cheddar
Apples and cheese are the perfect combination but apples are definitely the star of this light and healthy meal.

9 Super apple cake
The name says it all, this cake is a super (and delicious) way to end a meal.

10 Apple sour cream and crumble pie
The addition of sour cream makes this apple pie creamy and delicious.

11 Apple and almond bars
Make these bars on the weekend for nutritious snacks during the week.

These sweet and savoury choices from are mouthwatering and delicious. The goodness of the season's harvest is highlighted in all of these satisfying apple recipes.

1 Caramel-apple beignets
These will satisfy your sweet tooth and will give your local donut shop a run for their money.

2 Apple-cheese muffins
Apples and cheese are a winning combination in this sweet and savoury recipe.

3 Apple rum raisin pie in phyllo
This is an easy and elegant recipe that will make you look like a star.

4 Savoury apple and onion pie
Dinner is served with this savoury apple and onion pie. Prepare it ahead of time and throw it in the oven after work and dinner's done.

5 Apple pie with chocolate hazelnut crisp

Try this take on Dutch apple pie, the addition of chocolate and hazelnut in the topping is to die for.

6 Apple flan with quatre epices (four spices)
This creamy spiced flan will warm you up on a cool fall day.

7 Toffee apple cheesecake bars
The ingenious combination of toffee, apple and cheesecake make this a dessert to die for.

8 Apple and almond cake
Layered to perfection, this cake is elegant and delicious.

9 Apple and pecan coffee cake
You can't go wrong serving this cake at your next brunch or tea.

10 Only-apples flan with creme Anglaise
As the name suggests, apples are the star of the show in this recipe.


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25 delicious and delectable apple recipes