25 fruit recipes

25 fruit recipes

25 fruit recipes Author: Style At Home


25 fruit recipes

1 Honey orange pistachio ice cream
The sweet blend of honey and orange make this an ice cream dream!

2 Classic lemon tart
A delectable lemon tart with a yummy pastry shell and the perfect balance of tart and sweet.

3 Lemon cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting

These lemony cupcakes are made light and airy with cake flour.

4 Key lime cake

Trisha Yearwood shares her secret for making the best birthday cake ever.

5 Frangipane tart
This custard-filled tart is a delicious way to end a memorable meal.

6 Rachael Ray's berry crumble

You can't get any easier than this! Rachael Ray shares her tips on how to make a simply delicious dessert.

7 Rustic California walnut torte
This dessert is simple and rustic. Perfect to impress your guests with!

8 Blueberry cobbler
This gluten-free version of a blueberry cobbler is still as heartwarming and delicious as the classic.

9 Mini strawberry rhubarb crumble
Perfectly portioned in ramekins, these mini crumbles are an easy way to top off your next dinner party.

10  Blackberry and apple crumble

This fruit recipe is easy, delicious and versatile. Use your favourite fruits to make this crumble!

11 Mango gelato
A super-easy (and delicious!) frozen treat, perfect for a patio party.

12 Cantaloupe sorbet

Mario Batali's recipe for this refreshing summer time treat is as easy as it is delish!

13 Spicy mango ice pops

These yummy mango popsicles are spiced with an unexpected hit of chili.

14 Apricot and raspberry frozen mousse

Refreshing fruit flavours of apricot and raspberry make this a dreamy alternative to ice cream.

15 Coconut-stuffed limes
This fruit recipe is an escape from the ordinary with a burst of lime and coconut.

16 Tangerine pots de crème

The sweetness of tangerines is infused into this dreamy and delicious dessert.

17 Poached vanilla pears
Poached in a sweet vanilla wine liquid, these pears are perfect for a romantic night in.

18 Strawberry jam roly poly
This strawberry jelly roll is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Switch out the strawberries for your favourite fruits.

19 Berry and rhubarb trifle
This fruit recipe is a creamy delight with berries hidden between layers of  mascarpone and soaked Italian biscuits - yum!

20 Slow baked honey wine pears

Honey, wine and pears - what more do you need? This dessert, from Laura Calder, is simple yet sophisticated.

21 Peach melba
Plump peaches and a killer raspberry sauce make this dessert so scrumptious!

22 Lemon jelly roll

Try this light and lively jelly roll for a tea time treat - or for guests if you're willing to share!

23 Chicken and pink grapefruit salad
This savoury salad is packed with nutrients for a satisfying lunch or dinner.

24 Apple fennel celery salad
The sweetness of grapes and apples complement the crisp and aromatic fennel bulb in this salad.

25 Peanut noodles with mango
A new use for spaghetti noodles! A tasty peanut sauce takes the place of tomato sauce in this sweet and spicy recipe.


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25 fruit recipes