25 Italian recipes

25 Italian recipes

25 Italian recipes Author: Style At Home


25 Italian recipes

1 Cherry tomato red clam sauce with linguine
Classic linguine and clams with the Rachael Ray touch in this tasty Italian recipe.

2 Midwinter minestrone
Rachael Ray's version of this classic Italian soup is perfect for warming up on a cold day.

3 Pasta bezza
Michael Chiarello's light and easy dish that anyone can make.

4 White truffle risotto with cauliflower

Nothing says Italian comfort food quite like risotto. Using a variety of mushrooms makes this dish even more flavourful.

5 Chicken pizza
Country star Trisha Yearwood puts her spin on this classic Italian dish.

6 Potato gnocchi ravioli

This recipe combines two Italian dishes into one deliciously satisfying one.  

7 Solo shrimp
This yummy shrimp dish is a crowd pleaser that's so easy to make.

8 Scrambled egg pasta
This is the perfect weeknight meal for the time starved family.

9 Penne alla Papalina
You can't go wrong with this simple Italian recipe from Mario Batali.

10 Vegetable herb frittata
A frittata is the perfect lunch or dinner solution, especially if you're expecting a crowd.


11 Farfalle with arugula and white beans
This light and healthy pasta recipe is nutritious and delicious.

12 Spaghetti vongole

Donna Hay shares her recipe for an easy meal that's sure to please any seafood lover.

13 Mushroom ravioli
This homemade ravioli is made easier with flat pasta sheets!

14 Chicken involtini with prosciutto and basil
Make this recipe the next time you have a dinner party. It's easier than you think!

15 Piccolo caprese picks with quick basil aioli

This is a fresh and delicious Italian appetizer that takes only minutes to make.

16 Pennette with pancetta and peas

A classic Italian recipe that requires little effort on a busy weeknight.

17 Tuscan minestrone
This traditional Tuscan recipe tastes even better the day after it's made.

18 Tuna Siciliana

This delicious seafood dish comes from Sicily and features fresh tuna.

19 Risotto with mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms and risotto pair up beautifully in this creamy Italian dish.

20 Linguine with zucchini, spinach, lemon and pine nuts
This one's light, flavourful and easy. What more can you ask for? 

21 Italian meatloaf

A lovely twist on your usual meatloaf. With Italian herbs and sun dried tomatoes, this meatloaf will please even the pickiest eater.

22 Tiramisu

Delicious and so satisfying, you'll wonder why you've never attempted this classic Italian dessert before.

23 Ricotta and spinach pasta

The hardest part of preparing this meal is cooking the pasta! This dish is all about assembling the freshest ingredients.

24 Sweet potato gnocchi
Traditional gnocchi with a super sweet twist.

25 Spinach parmesan strata

This versatile (and delish) Italian recipe can be served as a side or main for breakfast, lunch or dinner!



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25 Italian recipes