25 pie recipes

25 pie recipes

25 pie recipes Author: Style At Home


25 pie recipes

Pie recipes
1 Peaches and cream pie recipe
If you make this for a family get together, make sure you remind your guests to make room for this luscious dessert!

2 Pumpkin pie recipe
Ideal for Thanksgiving or the holidays, this version is spiced with rum to warm you up when it gets cold.

3 Classic apple pie recipe
You can't go wrong with this classic and delicious dessert!

4 Classic lemon tart recipe
It's the perfect balance between tart and sweet that makes this dessert a winner.

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5 Lemon meringue pie
This dessert is tart and sweet, the perfect treat for any day of the week.

6 Swiss cheese pie

Serve this savoury pie for brunch or as an appetizer, your guests will thank you!

7 Strawberry rhubarb pie
The tartness of rhubarb is complemented by the sweetness of strawberry in this scrumptious pie.

8 Mincemeat pie
There's no meat in this pie recipe as there might have been in the past. This is a sweet pie recipe your guests are sure to love.

9 Silver spoon butterscotch peach pie
Butterscotch and peach, need we say more? This decadent dessert will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

10 Maple walnut pie
This pie is reminiscent of a butter tart, just bigger and better with the addition of rum!

11 Sour cream raisin pie
This decadent and delicious dessert is surprisingly easy to make.

12 Plum pie
Got plums? This is an easy pie recipe to put together for last minute guests!

13 Crosswinds raspberry sour cream pie
This creamy pie is a favourite at The Crosswinds restaurant in southwestern Ontario.

14 Shepherd's pie
This is the quintessential meat and potatoes recipe everyone should have in their recipe repertoire.

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15 Bumbleberry pie
If you've ever wondered what bumbleberry pie was, this recipe provides the answer. The combination of apples, rhubarb, blackberries and raspberries make this bumbleberry pie something to talk about. 

16 Apple pie with currants and almonds
This awesome apple pie recipe is made unique with its rum (or brandy) soaked currants and crunchy almonds.

17 Sweet potato pecan pie
This is one of those pie recipes you won't want to share! It's so good you'll be making this one year-round. 

18 Pear tarte tatin
This upside-down pear tart, made easier with frozen puff pastry, is just as delicious as it is beautiful.

19 Pear and fig pie
Pears and figs are the perfect partners in this delicious and nutritious pie.

20 Apple pie with chocolate hazelnut crisp
The chocolate hazelnut topping makes this apple pie a sinfully delicious dessert.

21 Rustic apple pear and cranberry pie
This pie is so gorgeous and ridiculously easy to make. The puff pastry crust in this pie recipe lightens up this delicious dessert.

22 Lemon rhubarb tart
The tartness of lemon and rhubarb is balanced with the sweetness of oranges in this delectable dessert.

23 Apple and almond tart
This apple and almond tart is made more decadent with the creamy layer spiced with almond liqueur.

24 Apple and pear pie
This deep-dish pie is chock-full of apples and pears, ideal for a large family dinner.

25 Winterberry pie
This pie recipe brings fruits of the harvest together into one delicious and decadent dessert.


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25 pie recipes