25 turkey recipes that will impress your guests

25 turkey recipes that will impress your guests

25 turkey recipes that will impress your guests Author: Style At Home


25 turkey recipes that will impress your guests

Our top 25 turkey recipes will wow your guests and your family - even after the holidays are over. These turkey recipes will take you through the holidays and beyond. Wondering what to do with leftover turkey? We've got the answers to your culinary conundrums right here! Turkeys3.jpg
Turkey recipes
1 Recipe: Roasted turkey sandwich with avocado and bacon

Use leftovers to make this turkey recipe even easier. The delicious combination of turkey, avocado and bacon will make this sandwich a family fave.

2 Recipe: Turkey with orange herb basting sauce
Take the road less travelled with this twist on the classic roast turkey. The sweet orange sauce for this turkey recipe should please your guests of all ages.

3 Recipe: Yankee turkey pot pie
This updated turkey pot pie makes use of frozen puff pastry for the pie topping, making your life easier and getting dinner done faster.

4 Recipe: Nigella Lawson's super juicy roast turkey
The domestic goddess shows you how to cook a juicy, mouthwatering turkey the easy way.

More turkey recipes
5 Turkey, brie and apple sandwich

This quick and delicious sandwich hits all the right notes with its sweet and savoury ingredients.

6 Turkey chili
This simple turkey recipe can be made even easier with your leftovers from Thanksgiving.

7 Turkey turnovers
Transform your leftovers with this easy turkey recipe sweetened with apples and mildly spiced with curry.

8 Turkey burritos
This is an easy turkey recipe that you can make ahead and bake all at once or freeze the burritos separately and use them as you need them.

9 Turkey a la king
Cooked turkey makes this an easy recipel to make during the week.

10 Mole turkey wings
This take on traditional Mexican mole sauce is delicious and spicy without being too hot. You can turn up the heat in this turkey recipe by adding hot chiles.

11 Turkey potato patties
Super easy, this turkey recipe uses cooked mashed potatoes and turkey. All you have to do is cut up all the ingredients, mix them together and cook.

12 Curry turkey wraps
Turkey is given a rebirth in these healthy wraps. This turkey recipe is perfect for a delectable and delicious lunch at work.

13 Turkey meatball soup
This ultra healthy turkey recipe is low in fat and salt. Make the meatballs ahead on Sunday for a quick lunch or dinner Monday.

14 Turkey pot pie
Easier than it looks, this turkey recipe uses frozen pastry for the topping so the hardest part is rolling it out!

More turkey recipes
Turkey scaloppine wraps
A delicious meal that's easy to make, this is a sweet and savoury turkey recipe that your family will love.

16 Cheesy turkey casserole
Make the eggplant tomato sauce ahead of time for this turkey recipe so you can whip this meal together in no time during the week.

17 Herbed turkey breast

This turkey breast stays juicy by basting it while it's cooking with delicious herbed butter.

18 Cajun roast turkey
This roast turkey recipe is spiced just right with Cajun seasoning. The cornbread stuffing gives this bird a different twist for your holiday table.

19 Charmoula grilled turkey breast
The Moroccan spice mix under the skin of the turkey breast ensures your meal will be spiced to your satisfaction.

20 Turkey rice salad
An outstanding way to use your leftover rice and turkey, this Asian-inspired salad could become a family favourite. 

21 Hazelnut mushroom turkey breast
Different tastes and textures are combined in this turkey recipe to make one delicious main course.

22 Sweet and sour turkey breast
This Korean-inspired turkey recipe has the perfect balance of hot, sweet and sour flavours.

23 Stuffed turkey breast steaks
Serve turkey without the leftovers. This mouthwatering turkey recipe can be adjusted so you can cook just the right amount for you and your guess!

24 Leek and shiitake turkey rolls
An elegant way to serve your turkey, these leek and shiitake turkey rolls are surprisingly easy to make.

25 Turkey and bulgur loaf
Whole grain bulgur and turkey unite to give your everyday meatloaf recipe a healthy makeover.


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25 turkey recipes that will impress your guests