29 healthy recipes

29 healthy recipes

29 healthy recipes Author: Style At Home


29 healthy recipes


1 Asparagus with saffron aioli

Crunchy asparagus is the star of this simple and healthy recipe. 

2 Tomato stuffed peppers
This is a wonderfully delicious, light and easy first course. Laura Calder shares her no-fail healthy recipe for starting any dinner party off right.

3 Orange, roasted beet and arugula salad
This lovely salad combines tangy oranges, roasted beets and creamy goat cheese to make a wonderfully delicious side.

4 Raw artichoke salad
This Mediterranean salad is simple and delicious, the perfect way to start a meal.


5 Greek salsa with pita crisps
A super easy twist on traditional salsa, this Greek salsa is made with the same fresh ingredients used in Greek salad.

6 Vietnamese shrimp pops with peanut sauce
Your guests will devour these mouth-watering appetizers. The dipping sauce is the perfect balance of sweet and salty with a bit of heat.

7 Shrimp skewers with herb sauce

Fresh, simple ingredients make these shrimp skewers scrumptious. This healthy recipe can be grilled if you don't have a raclette at home.

8 Ice-cube-tray sushi

This no-roll sushi is a healthy recipe that can be adjusted to any taste. Swap out the raw fish for ingredients to suit any palate.

9 Donna Hay's roasted garlic bruschetta

All you need is six ingredients and a few minutes to get this delicious appetizer on the table.

10 Spiced almonds

A healthy and delicious way to get your party started. Just mix the spices together with the almonds and bake!


11 Spring vegetable medley soup

A heartwarming yet healthy recipe that has healthy written all over it! Choose veggies you and your family love and this recipe will be a welcome hit every time.

12 Mid-winter minestrone

Rachael Ray does it again with this soup recipe that can be put together in a pinch.


13 Cider glazed roasted vegetables
Delicious vegetables are roasted to perfection in a sweet and tangy apple cider marinade.

14 Heirloom tomato salad
Refreshing and delicious heirloom tomatoes make this healthy recipe the perfect side to any dish.

15 Fava bean salad

This salad is packed with the nutrition and goodness from asparagus and fava beans.

16 Peach, arugula and goat cheese salad

Peaches drizzled with a balsamic vinegar reduction make for a sweet and healthy side or starter.

17 Lentil and goat cheese salad
No elbow grease required. Just combine all the ingredients for an easy, healthy salad!

18 Apple fennel celery salad
Sweet apples and grapes draped in a honey-based dressing make this a delightful side for any occasion.

19 Pumpkin and string bean salad
Cayenne pepper adds an unexpected hint of heat to this light and flavourful salad.


20 Halibut with spiced Moroccan sauce
This delicious and healthy recipe, made with aromatic spices and fresh ingredients, will be a hit at any dinner party.

21 Spicy Asian noodle bowl
Forget take-out, this recipe is so delicious and easy to make, ordering in might become a thing of the past!

22 Almond orange crusted chicken
This chicken recipe is nutritious and delicious with a light coating of slivered almonds and orange zest.

23 Stuffed zucchini boats
This main can also be served as a delicious appetizer. Just cut the zucchini boats into bite-sized morsels.

24 Donna Hay's garlic chicken
Three simple steps and six fresh ingredients will make this chicken recipe a favourite of any home cook.

25 Ricotta and spinach pasta
Another simple and delicious dinner from Donna Hay, Style at Home Food Editor.

26 Soba noodles with spinach and tofu
Enjoy a bowl of cold Japanese noodles on any warm day.

27 Cranberry pecan quinoa pilaf
This flavourful quinoa is the perfect side dish option to serve this Thanksgiving.

28 Rustic Linguine with summer herbs and olives

Give this delicious olive and herb linguine dish a try.

29 Fusilli with cherry tomatoes and fresh tuna
Make this delicious pasta dish for a fresh and colourful weeknight meal.


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29 healthy recipes