Chocolate recipes for the holidays

Chocolate recipes for the holidays

Chocolate recipes for the holidays Author: Style At Home


Chocolate recipes for the holidays

holiday-choc-peppermint-pattie.jpg Recipe: Dark chocolate peppermint pattie cake
Impress your sweetheart with this decadent chocolate cake.

holiday-choc-nigella-gingerbread.jpg Recipe: Nigella's sticky gingerbread
Make your home smell sticky sweet with this dreamy gingerbread from Nigella Lawson.

holiday-choc-nigella-bonbons.jpg Recipe: Nigella's Christmas puddini bonbons
Give the sweetest gift this holiday season with these yummy bonbons from Nigella Lawson.

holiday-choc-candy-cane-hot.jpg Recipe: Candy bar hot chocolate
Satisfy your sweet tooth and keep warm with Dylan Lauren's hot chocolate recipe.

holiday-choc-ginger-crinkle.jpg Recipe: Chocolate-ginger crinkle cookies
These wondrously crispy and chewy medallions are not only beautiful, but they pack a powerful chocolate punch, as well.

holiday-choc-spiced-bisque.jpg Recipe: Spiced chocolate bisque
This delicious chocolate soup-like recipe tastes just as good hot as it does cooled down.

holiday-choc-white-hot-mocha.jpg Recipe: White hot mocha
Escape the winter blues with this white chocolate mocha from Out to Brunch.

holiday-choc-ginger-souffle.jpg Recipe: Crystallized ginger and fallen chocolate souffles
This decadent and delicious chocolate dessert is sure to impress.

holiday-choc-macarons.jpg Recipe: Chocolate-filled macarons
Try these legendary treats from French pastry chef Pierre Hermé.

holiday-choc-mascarpone.jpg Recipe: Chocolate dream scone with mascarpone spread
This flaky, dark yet delicate, chocolate buttermilk scone will rival any others you’ve ever tasted.

holiday-choc-hot-chai.jpg Recipe: Hot chocolate chai
Delight in a warm, aromatic hot chocolate with a hint of chai to spice things up.

holiday-choc-sokoto.jpg Recipe: Sokoto moelleux au chocolat
This delicate traditional French cake can be served with fruit and tea.

holiday-choc-marquis.jpg Recipe: Chocolate marquise
This elegant-looking recipe is easy to make and looks beautiful and impressive on the plate.

holiday-choc-truffles.jpg Recipe: Chocolate truffles
These holiday classics are sure to be a hit at your next get together.

holiday-choc-wine-spirit-hot.jpg Wine & spirits: Hot chocolate
Stay warm all winter with this sweet treat.

holiday-choc-black-white.jpg Recipe: Small black and whites
These classic cookies become more comfortable to handle when they are made mini-size.

holiday-choc-tart.jpg Recipe: Chocolate tart
This is a sophisticated dessert to end a late-night dinner with friends.

holiday-choc-hot-chocolat.jpg Recipe: Hot chocolat
Hot cocoa is prepared using cocoa powder; hot chocolate is prepared using chocolate bars melted into a cream. In this recipe we've captured the best of both worlds: hence the name Hot Cocolat!

holiday-choc-pound-cake.jpg Recipe: Chocolate pound cake
A rich chocolate pound cake that is as easy to make as it is delicious to eat.

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Chocolate recipes for the holidays