Cocktail recipe guide

Cocktail recipe guide

Cocktail recipe guide Author: Style At Home


Cocktail recipe guide

Cool cocktail recipe ideas

Pomegranate cocktail
This cocktail recipe not only tastes delicious, but is good for you too!

Kiwi kiss
Lemon and the tart freshness of kiwi fruit come together in this refreshingly crisp cocktail recipe.

Watermelon cooler
Make this slushy drink to cool down on a hot summer day.

Blackberry smash
You’ll love this delicious cocktail recipe from The Porch restaurant in Dallas.

All in the mix
Making the perfect cocktail is easier than you think. Simply take your favourite top-quality ingredients and stir.

Blue Thai mojito
The infused syrup adds an exotic kick to this tall rum cocktail recipe.

Blackberry-poblano margarita
This purple drink is made to be super-sweet!

Konrad Ejbich's favourite margarita recipe
This margarita recipe will transport your guests to the tropics with the taste of this salty-sour elixir.

Gin and tonic with spiced tea
This New York-inspired drink has made things a little more spicier!

Berry cool cocktails
Sweeten summer entertaining with these delicious fruity cocktails.

Lemon aid
Tweaking classic lemonade turns this summer fave into a sophisticated, adults-only cocktail recipe.

Blood orange mimosas
Freshly squeezed orange juice and Champagne -- what better way to start your morning?

Cajun martini
This simple drink of Vodka and olives is straight from New Orleans.

Cocktail recipe ideas to warm-up to

Chill chasers
Warm up cold nights with a hot cocktail recipe that'll take the chill away. Hot drinks are an unexpected treat for guests and oh-so-tasty, too!

Sleigh rider cider
Whip up this tasty hot beverage after an afternoon of frosty outdoor activities.

Hazelnut truffles cocktail
Chocolate and hazelnut -- a match made in heaven. These flavours combine for an elegant cocktail recipe!

Cookies 'n' cream cocktail
Smooth and nutty with a hint of cinnamon, this cocktail has all the flavour of a freshly baked cookie, sans the crumbs.

Non-alcoholic cocktail recipe ideas 

Classic summer lemonade
Throw out the can this summer and give old-fashioned lemonade a whirl.

Blush punch
This non-alcoholic cocktail recipe combines pink lemonade and cranberry juice to give it a refreshing taste.

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Cocktail recipe guide