Oct 28, 2013

Delicious almond recipes

Delicious almond recipes Author: Style At Home

Oct 28, 2013

Delicious almond recipes

Whether savoury or sweet, almonds are an undeniable healthy powerhouse. Add them to your delicious desserts or entrees for an extra nutty kick.

best-almond-recipes-couscous-pes.jpg Israeli couscous with sage and almond pesto
Enjoy a fresh Israeli couscous salad with almond pesto and garden sage, perfect for a casual afternoon lunch.

best-almond-recipes-french-toast.jpg Almond-crusted French toast
French toast layered with sliced fruit and drizzled with maple syrup makes for a decadent weekend brunch we can’t resist.

best-almond-recipes-orange-mazur.jpg Orange and almond mazurek
For dessert, try this delicious orange and almond mazurek. It's a Polish favourite!

best-almond-recipes-langres.jpg Langres with sweet roasted almonds
A delectable French cheese topped with a few pieces of sweet roasted almonds makes a great after-dinner delight.

best-almond-recipes-snackers.jpg Cherry-almond snackers
Easy-to-make, yet extremely delicious energy bars, made with almonds and cherries.

best-almond-recipes-flourless-ca.jpg Flourless chocolate almond cake
For the health-conscious chocoholic, an easy-to-make, gluten-free chocolate cake is the answer.

best-almond-recipes-breakfast-qu.jpg Breakfast quinoa with bananas, wheat berries and almond milk
Try the hearty texture of quinoa and almond milk to jump-start your morning or help you wind down at night.

best-almond-recipes-plum-galette.jpg Plum and almond galette
Celebrate the coming of warmer weather with this juicy plum galette with almonds.

best-almond-recipes-sandwich-coo.jpg Almond butter sandwich cookies
The classic sandwich cookie is updated with a delectable combination of almonds and pears

best-almond-recipes-chicken.jpg Almond orange crusted chicken
This almond orange crusted chicken is light, flavourful and easy to make.

best-almond-recipes-spiced.jpg Spiced almonds
Heat up your next party with these tasty spiced almonds.

best-almond-recipes-butter-cooki.jpg Almond butter cookies
Made with whole wheat, these almond butter cookies are healthy and delicious.

best-almond-recipes-conserve.jpg Cranberry, dried cherry and almond conserve
Jars of this conserve also make a colourful, homey gift for a friend or neighbour.
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Delicious almond recipes