Deliciously satisfying salad recipes

Deliciously satisfying salad recipes

Deliciously satisfying salad recipes Author: Style At Home


Deliciously satisfying salad recipes

Try one of these tasty, yet easy-to-make salad recipes for lunch or even dinner. They are sure to please your taste buds and satisfy your hunger at the same time. Invite friends and family over and serve up one of these salads as the main course or an appetizing starter. Packed with incredible flavours, your guests will think you spent hours making them!

best-salad-recipes-tico.jpg Tico seafood salad with coconut lime dressing
This Costa Rican inspired seafood salad awakens the palette with its refreshing coconut lime dressing.

best-salad-recipes-lime.jpg Vietnamese chopped salad with grilled chicken skewers & chili lime dressing
A citrus-fresh chopped salad perfect for a quick summer meal.

best-salad-recipes-quinoa.jpg Moroccan sweet potato, red quinoa & chickpea salad with honey harissa dressing
A main course, Moroccan-inspired red quinoa salad made with a zesty Harissa (hot chili paste) dressing.

best-salad-recipes-couscous.jpg Israeli couscous and artichoke salad
A delicious summer salad with Israeli couscous, artichokes, roasted tomatoes, tuna and basil.

best-salad-recipes-kale.jpg Baby kale caesar salad with focaccia croutons and prosciutto
Update your classic caesar salad recipe by adding baby kale, focaccia croutons and crispy prosciutto.

best-salad-recipes-potato.jpg Potato salad
This light and fresh potato salad combines simple ingredients and lots of flavour.

best-salad-recipes-bulgar.jpg Bulgur salad with chicken and cashews
Chopped green apples, cashews and a curry powder dressing add a mix of sweet and savoury flavours to this bulgur salad.

best-salad-recipes-orange.jpg Wheatberry salad with oranges, cucumber and cranberries
Oranges and cranberries add a sweet and tart flavour to this delicious summer salad.

best-salad-recipes-feta.jpg Quinoa salad with asparagus, feta and pine nuts
Enjoy a delicious quinoa summer salad topped with fresh, flavourful ingredients.

best-salad-recipes-shrimp.jpg Couscous salad with shrimp, tomato and bocconcini
Fresh basil and garden tomatoes make this couscous salad perfect for summer!

best-salad-recipes-butter.jpg Warm butternut squash salad with Parma ham
A delicious salad topped with butternut squash and made with Parma ham for extra flavour.

best-salad-recipes-goat.jpg Fresh green salad with melted goat cheese crostini
Is it a salad kind of day today? If so, try this delicious fresh green salad with melted goat cheese crostini.

salad-metapage-potatosalad.jpg Martha Stewart’s classic potato salad
Add a little something special to your next summer party with Martha Stewart's satisfying potato salad.

salad-metapage-chickensalad.jpg Mandarin grilled chicken salad
This healthy chicken salad gets a lift with mandarin orange, avocado and almonds.

salad-metapage-melon-salad.jpg Mango melon salad
Refreshing and light, this salad is the perfect way to showcase (and savour!) summer produce.

salad-metapage-grapefruit-chicke.jpg Chicken and pink grapefruit salad
Take the healthy-eating route with this delicious chicken and pink grapefruit salad.

salad-metapage-watercress.jpg Watercress, pistachio and orange blossom salad
This refreshing herb-filled salad is a perfect palate-cleanser to follow any meal.

salad-metapage-peachsalad.jpg Grilled peach salad with blue cheese and raspberry vinaigrette
Add a splash of juicy peach to your salad with this easy recipe.

salad-metapage-steak-salad.jpgk salad

Try this tasty steak salad for a filling lunch or dinner.

salad-metapage-apple-salad.jpg Chopped apple salad with toasted walnuts, blue cheese, pomegranate vinaigrette
A sophisticated take on a popular classic salad recipe.

salad-meta-watermelon.jpgWatermelon and celery salad
Toss this salad together on a hot summer day for a refreshing and light meal.

salad-meta-salsa-potato.jpgSalsa verde potato salad

This salsa verde potato salad is sure to become one of your favourite side dishes.

salad-meta-tomato.jpgHeirloom tomato, mozzarella, and stone fruit salad

Succulent heirloom tomatoes combined with a medley of fruit and mozzarella could become your new favourite dish.

salad-meta-zucchini-ribbon.jpgZucchini ribbon salad

This zucchini salad is a healthy and colourful dish that's perfect for summer!

salad-meta-eva-longoria-salad.jpgEva Longoria's corn and zucchini salad

Eva Longoria's recipe for a hearty corn and zucchini salad is both tasty and healthy.


salad-meta-bocco.jpgBocconcini and roasted tomato pasta salad

Spice up your usual pasta salad by adding roasted tomatoes and bocconcini.

salad-meta-strawberry.jpgBaby spinach salad with roasted strawberries

This fresh and delicious summer salad will be a hit at any barbecue or backyard bash.

salad-meta-lentil-goatcheese.jpgLentil and goat cheese salad

This tasty salad by Donna Hay combines wonderfully different textures of goat cheese, lentils and baby beets.

salad-meta-apple-celery.jpgApple fennel celery salad

Serve this light and healthy salad as a memorable start to your next family gathering.

salad-meta-nigella.jpgNigella's three seasonal salads
Add a dash of festive red to your meal with one of these scrumptious salads.

salad-meta-pumpkin.jpgPumpkin and string bean salad

Combining pumpkin and string beans makes for a hearty salad with a refreshingly light dressing.

salad-meta-caprese.jpgCaprese salad stacks

Give mozzarella and tomato an update with these yummy caprese salad stacks.

salad-meta-grilledcarrot.jpgGrilled carrot salad

Bring out the juicy sweetness in carrots with this grilled salad recipe.

salad-meta-arugula.jpgOrange, roasted beet and arugula salad

A fresh and delicious salad with just the right amount of zest.

salad-meta-fennel.jpgFennel salad

Make this fennel salad for a light meal or as a great side dish.

salad-meta-freshtomatoes.jpgFresh tomato salad with grilled red onion

Rob Rainford adds some champagne to his dressing to create a tasty tomato salad.

salad-meta-tomatobread.jpgTomato and bread salad

Got some leftover bread? Put it to good use with this delicious tomato and bread salad.

salad-meta-soba.jpgCold soba noodle salad

Add an Asian twist to your menu with this refreshing noodle salad.

salad-meta-artichoke.jpgRaw artichoke salad

For a light and easy starter, try this raw artichoke salad at your next dinner party.

salad-meta-greenbean.jpgGreen bean salad

This green bean salad is the perfect healthy starter for a light dinner.

salad-meta-couscous.jpgIsraeli couscous salad with grilled veggies

Try this couscous salad, packed with delicious grilled veggies.

salad-meta-trout.jpgSmoked trout, fingerling and bacon salad

A delicious blend of trout, bacon and lemon flavours make an unforgettable dinner.

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Deliciously satisfying salad recipes