Dessert of the Month recipes

Dessert of the Month recipes

Dessert of the Month recipes Author: Style At Home


Dessert of the Month recipes

Try one of our delectable treats featured in our Dessert of the Month column. Each one may be different, but are all equally sweet, ranging from fruit to chocolate desserts we're sure one of these recipes will be sure to satisfy your cravings!

recipe-choco-truffles-META.jpgEasy truffle temptations
Try making these delicious truffle temptations and enjoy the sweet treat.

recipe-apple-fritters-META.jpgRecipe: Apple fritters
Follow this recipe for deliciously sweet and gooey apple fritters.

recipe-peach-buckle-META.jpgSour cream peach buckle
Our delicious crumbly topped buckle comes with a hit of sour cream for a dessert that’s peach perfect!

recipe-polenta-cake-META.jpgOrange polenta pudding cake
Zingy citrus and Greek yogurt make this cake perfect for more than just dessert – try it morning, noon and night.


dessert-month-napoleans.jpgGreek yogurt strawberry napoleon
Food stylist and recipe developer Tanya Eng creates a fruity, flaky pastry treat that calls to the lighter fare and delicate flavours of spring.

desserts2016-cinnamon-bread.jpgCinnamon bread
Use ready-made pizza dough for a quick and easy pastry topped with espresso glaze.

desserts2016-rice-pudding.jpgCoconut rice pudding
This classic comfort dish is reinvented with a dash of tropical sweetness

desserts2016-earl-grey-meltaways.jpgEarl grey meltaways
Channel a foggy London day with these tea-infused treats.

desserts2016-banana-pie.jpgBanana cream pie
Make over an after-dinner favourite with a layer of creamy caramel.

desserts2016-rose-crepe-cake.jpgRose buttercream crepe cake
An elegant sweet treat that's perfect for celebrating any day with style.

desserts2016-berry-cobbler.jpgMixed berry cobbler
This tangy-sweet dessert welcomes the first of summer’s fresh fruit harvest.

desserts2016-yogurt-popsicle.jpgMalted nectarine yogurt popsicles
A melty, messy, hot-weather remedy that's simply too good to resist.

desserts2016-rose-granita.jpgRose sangria granita
Topped with fresh basil leaves, this dessert pays homage to the verdancy of summer.

desserts2016-stone-fruit-galette.jpgStone fruit galette
Create a rustic galette that celebrates the last of summer’s fresh and fruitful bounty.

desserts2016-maple-butter-tart.jpgMaple butter tart pie
End your Sunday nights with a delicious maple butter tart pie.

dessert-month-lemon-tart.jpgMeyer lemon pine nut tart
A fresh lemon tart for summer that will have you opening the windows and singing a tune.

dessert-mocha-pannacotta-meta.jpgMocha pannacotta with amaretto cherries
This adult-worthy pannacotta is like pudding with a twist, featuring the bold taste of espresso and the sour punch of amaretto-soaked cherries.

dessert-the-month-lavender.jpgLemon-glazed lavender shortbread cookies
These sophisticated shortbread cookies are a wonderful pairing of citrus and herbs.

dessert-month-rhubarb-tart.jpgRhubarb frangipane tart
This impressive rhubarb frangipane tart is the perfect decadent summertime dessert.

dessert-month-eclairs.jpgEclairs with pistachio cream
A fluffy pastry filled with buttery pistachio cream glazed with decadent chocolate.

dessert-of-the-month-madeleines.jpgMadeleines with burnt honey cream
The sweet, spongy cakes make for sophisticated snacking, especially when delicately dipped (pinky fingers up!) into a bowl of delicious burnt honey cream.
dessert-month-recipe-churros-MED.jpgChurros with Mayan hot chocolate
A cinnamon and sugar coated Latin-style dessert accompanied with decadent and spicy Mayan hot chocolate.

dessert-the-month-recipes-raspbe.jpgRaspberry and salted caramel meringues
Serve the perfect blend of sweet and salty with these fluffy meringues filled with tart raspberry jam and drizzled with salted caramel sauce.

dessert-the-month-recipes-citrus.jpgCitrus mascarpone tart
This delectable tart combines sweet with savoury to make a dessert that's much easier to prepare than it looks.

dessert-the-month-recipes-peach.jpgMini peach pies with bourbon cream
The sugary sweetness of ripe peaches and the savoury flavour of fresh rosemary combine to put a unique spin on an iconic dessert.

recipe-dessert-cinnamon-metapage.jpgCaramel sticky buns
Add a little something extra to your weekend brunch menu with these delicious caramel sticky buns!

recipe-dessert-blondies-metapage.jpgDecadent summer blondies
Satisfy your chocolate craving with these rich and decadent summer blondies.

recipe-raspberry-cookies-metapag.jpgRaspberry thumbprint cookies
A light, buttery cookie with the perfect touch of raspberry preserve.

dessert-of-the-month-coconut-bun.jpgCoconut bundt cake
This light and fluffy cake with a sweet citrus twist, is the ideal treat for an afternoon in the sun.

dessert-of-the-month-chocolate-c.jpgChocolate cream eggs
An Easter treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth craving!

dessert-of-the-month-blueberry-c.jpgBlueberry cream puffs
Topped with a light whip and a handful of fruit, these blueberry cream puffs will have you singing for warmer weather.

dessert-of-the-month-icecream-an.jpgHot caramelized apples with vanilla bean ice cream
Homemade vanilla bean ice cream recipe with delicious hot caramelized apples on the side.

dessert-of-the-month-layered-cho.jpgEasy chocolate layer cake
A tale as old as time, the meant-to-be combination of chocolate and vanilla is on display in this stunning layer cake.

meta-dessertofthemonth-buttertar.jpgButter tarts
Quintessentially Canadian and sinfully sweet, these gooey butter tarts are impossible to resist.

meta-dessertofthemonth-scones.jpgCranberry scones
Tart cranberry and zesty lemon collide in this sweet union of fearless flavours.

meta-dessertofthemonth-almond-pe.jpgAlmond and pear tart

An easy-to-make and delicately flavoured frangipane-style favourite.

meta-dessertofthemonth-plumcake.jpgPlum cake

Sweet and crumbly cake with a pleasing plum taste makes for a tea time treat that's as pretty as it is delicious.

metapage-monthdessert-rasptart2.jpgRaspberry and Meyer lemon cream tart
A fruity feast for the senses featuring a pucker-up-and-kiss-me combination of tart and sweet.

metapage-monthdessert-mascarpone.jpgStrawberry, rhubarb and mascarpone crepes

A not-too-sweet-sensory indulgence infused with the first delightful offerings of summer.

metapage-monthdessert-limecupcak.jpgCoconut lime cupcakes
These cupcakes are a delicate confection of sweetness and light with a tangy, tropical twist.

metapgage-monthdessert-icebox.jpgChocolate mint icebox creams

A decadently sweet chocolate recipe to tempt the taste buds of adults and kids alike, and welcome the return of spring (at last!).

metapage-monthdessert-lemonpoppy.jpgLemon poppy seed loaf
A refreshingly light and lovely Meyer lemon delight to enjoy on a rainy (or sunny) almost-spring day.

metapage-monthdessert-potdecream.jpgPots de creme
A heavenly concoction of chocolate and cream to celebrate with the one you love.

Lead photography by Joe Kim.


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Dessert of the Month recipes