Discover the best homemade soup recipes

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Discover the best homemade soup recipes

homemade-soup-recipes-squash.jpg Wild mushroom and butternut squash soup
Shake off the chill in the air with this savoury wild mushroom and butternut squash soup.

homemade-soup-recipes-apple-ched.jpg Apple cheddar soup with sage croutons
Your weeknight dinner dilemma is solved with apple cheddar soup paired with tasty sage croutons.

homemade-soup-recipes-seafood.jpg Seafood and saffron tomato fennel soup
Seafood and saffron add a savoury twist to classic tomato soup.

homemade-soup-recipes-pancetta.jpg Cannellini bean and pancetta soup with Swiss chard Full-flavoured ingredients makes this cannellini bean and pancetta soup good-to-the-last-drop.

homemade-soups-meta-pancetta.jpg Minestrone with pancetta, fagioli and pasta
Keep warm with this savoury minestrone soup recipe, that's filled with loads of flavour.

homemade-soups-meta-curry.jpg Curried butternut squash and red lentil soup
Pair with crunchy crackers and you've got a tasty, and hearty meal for a cold Winter night.

homemade-soups-meta-tomato.jpg Roasted red pepper and tomato soup
This delicious savoury soup is ideal for comfort-food lovers of every age.

homemade-soups-meta-carrot.jpg Spiced carrot and lentil soup
This easy soup recipe will be a comforting delight on a cold winter's day.

homemade-soups-meta-cauliflower.jpg Leek and cauliflower soup with cool Greek yogurt
A tasty leek and cauliflower soup with a drop of cool Greek yogurt that will definitely tempt your palate.

homemade-soups-meta-pumpkin.jpg Pumpkin soup
A nutritious, and culinary versatile, pumpkins bring a new fall flavour to old standbys like soup.

homemade-soups-meta-cucumber.jpg Cucumber, pea and mint soup
A dash of mint makes this soup a refreshing dish to serve all year round.

homemade-soups-meta-egg.jpg White lentil soup with chorizo, poached eggs, and paprika cream
This warm winter soup pairs beautifully with artisan bread and good company.

homemade-soups-meta-hearty.jpg Recipes: 5 hearty soups
Stay warm this winter with these delicious soup recipes.

homemade-soups-meta-potato.jpg Creamy potato soup
Try this deliciously soothing creamy potato soup.

homemade-soups-meta-veggie.jpg Winter vegetable chowder
Fight off the winter cold and rainy chills with this vegetarian chowder recipe.

homemade-soups-meta-sweet-potato.jpg Sweet potato soup with chorizo, chickpeas and kale
Combine chorizo, chickpeas and kale to make a hearty, healthy meal.

homemade-soups-meta-orange.jpg Butternut squash soup with curried pecans, apple and goat cheese
A simple soup recipe for a healthy and hearty midweek meal.

homemade-soups-meta-harira.jpg Harira
Give this deliciously fragrant Moroccan soup a try.

homemade-soups-meta-chickpea.jpg Everyday French cooking
Cooking up this chickpea soup recipe will have you saying "oui" in the kitchen.

homemade-soups-meta-rustic.jpg Rustic butternut squash and cannellini bean
This easy to make vegetable soup recipe is good for both large and small meals.

homemade-soups-meta-fish.jpgFish Chowder

Warm yourself up with this tasty fish chowder soup recipe.

homemade-soups-meta-loaded.jpg Creamy loaded baked potato
A creamy potato soup recipe that includes all the toppings of a loaded baked potato.

homemade-soups-meta-rachelray.jpgMidwinter minestrone
A super easy weeknight meal from the queen of quick cooking.

homemade-soups-meta-noodles.jpgNigella's Vietnamese pork noodle soup
Nigella's take on Vietnamese pork noodle soup is simply delicious.

homemade-soups-meta-mushroom.jpgRoasted wild mushoom soup
A variety of wild mushroom varieties make this soup a delicious starter to any meal.

homemade-soups-meta-broth.jpg Golden broth
This soup is flexible and easy to make, perfect for the summertime.

homemade-soups-meta-spring.jpg Spring vegetable medley soup
Try this light soup after a trip to the farmers' market.

homemade-soups-meta-avocado.jpgAvocado soup
Try this yummy avocado soup recipe when you want to warm yourself up on a cool day.

homemade-soups-meta-ten.jpg 10 hearty soups and stews
The best stews and soups for lunchtime, dinnertime and anytime inbetween!

homemade-soups-meta-tuscan.jpg Tuscan minestrone
A rich soup recipe for ribollita, which means “boiled again” in Italian.

homemade-soups-meta-squash.jpgButternut squash and apple soup with cider cream

A soup recipe inspired by two of New England's most prolific fall crops: apples and squashes.

homemade-soups-meta-yellow.jpg Cold weather potato chowder with caraway cheese
This traditional soup recipe is prepared traditionally with bacon, onions, and potatoes that are simmered in a mixture of stock and milk. The creamy chowder is enriched with a final addition of grated Havarti cheese studded with caraway seeds.

homemade-soups-meta-sweet.jpg Caramelized sweet potato soup with maple syrup
Chef Michael Mansfield of Restaurant Tony de Luca shares one of his delicious soup recipes.


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Discover the best homemade soup recipes