Easy and delicious cookie recipes

Easy and delicious cookie recipes

Easy and delicious cookie recipes Author: Style At Home


Easy and delicious cookie recipes

Lemon spritz cookies
Whip up some of these lemon spritz cookies for a yummy treat with your afternoon tea.

Pecan lace cookies
Delicate but rich, these pecan cookies are the perfect sweet treat to add to your Christmas cookie tray

Chocolate Valentine's Day cookies
Give your sweetheart a tasty treat this Valentine's Day with chocolate heart-shaped cookies

Gingerbread cookies
Fun and easy to make, gingerbread cookies are a Christmas staple. Let the kids in on the fun by letting them decorate their own gingerbread people.

Flourless chocolate cookies
The crackled surface of these flourless chocolate cookies gives them an elegant look.

Frosted ornament cookies
These ornament-shaped Christmas cookies can either be devoured by hungry guests or actually hung on your tree!

Pecan shortbread cookies
Using both vanilla bean and vanilla extract gives these buttery, nut-filled cookies a rich, round character.

Chocolate-ginger crinkle cookies
These wondrously crispy and chewy medallions are not only beautiful, but they pack a powerful chocolate punch, as well.

Candy cane cookies
Intertwining ropes of red and plain dough make these candy cane cookies something truly original to offer guests.

Hazelnut linzer cookies
This recipe for the classic Austrian cookie is sure to become a Christmas tradition.

Great pumpkin cookies
Embellished with orange glaze, cinnamon stick stems, and green sugar vines, these pumpkins appear to be freshly plucked from the patch.

Spiderweb sugar cookies
These frightfully delicious sugar cookies are so easy to make and decorate, the kids can lend a helping hand.

Coffee, cookies and cream ice cream
Combine coffee ice cream with cookie bits and you've got a sinfully delicious treat.

Walnut stars
These star-shaped cookies have a delicate crunch and a lovely earthy-nutty flavour from toasted walnuts.

Old-time gingersnaps
A traditional favourite, this gingersnap recipe is ... a snap to make!

Baby butter and jam sandwiches
Cookie fans will find these tender, buttery wafers sandwiching a layer of jam simply irresistible.

Chocolate chip cookie sandwiches
Bring the family together to make this chocolate treat.

Friendly ghosts
Enshrouded in meringue, these chewy date and nut treats are oh-so-sweet.
How to bake better cookies

These 9 handy tips will help you to bake better cookies.

The basics of cookie making
Everything you need to know about how to bake the perfect batch of cookies.

Organize the perfect cookie exchange
Double your holiday baking without the extra work by holding a cookie exchange.

How-to: Host a cookie themed open house
Dee Gibson, a party pro, dishes out her tips for hosting a cookie-themed open house.


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Easy and delicious cookie recipes