Flavourful coconut recipes

Flavourful coconut recipes

Flavourful coconut recipes Author: Style At Home


Flavourful coconut recipes


coconut-meta-layercake.jpgRecipe: Fresh coconut layer cake
This light, heavenly coconut cake makes the perfect sweet treat to end any meal.

coconut-meta-limemacaroons.jpgRecipe: Coconut lime macaroons
Light and tasty, these coconut lime macaroons are the perfect sweet ending to a meal or enjoyed with an afternoon cup of tea.

coconut-meta-cocochocpie.jpgMartha Stewart's crisp coconut and chocolate pie recipe
Who knew such a seductively sweet pie could be so simple? Martha Stewart makes this dessert recipe easy to enjoy.

coconut-meta-strawberrymilksoup.jpgRecipe: Strawberry coconut milk soup
You can still enjoy soup this summer with this cool strawberry coconut milk soup.

coconut-meta-limecupcakes.jpgCoconut lime cupcakes recipe
These cupcakes are a delicate confection of sweetness and light with a tangy, tropical twist.

coconut-meta-macaroons.jpgCoconut macaroons recipe
These coconut macaroons have an added ingredient to make them perfectly sweet.

coconut-meta-brownie.jpgRecipe: Almond coconut brownies
Shake up classic brownies by adding almonds and coconut.

coconut-meta-fluffycupcakes.jpgBirthday cakes for grown-ups - Fluffy coconut cupcakes
Four delicious cake recipes to help you celebrate another year in style.

coconut-meta-haystack.jpgRecipe: Milk chocolate haystack ice cream loaf
Chocolate, ice cream and sweet coconut make for an enticing and decadent layered cake.

coconut-meta-snowballcups.jpgRecipe: Mini snowball cupcakes
Make delicious 2-bite treats with these vanilla mini cupcakes.

coconut-meta-milkfudge.jpgRecipe: Milk fudge: chocolate, lime, coconut, coffee
Indulge your sweet tooth with this simple but decadent Mexican milk fudge.

Coconut-meta-lemongrass.jpgCoconut and lemongrass granita
Serve this icy treat at your next outdoor party to keep guests cool in the summer heat.

coconut-metapage-stuffedlimes.jpgCoconut-stuffed limes recipe
Try these Mexican coconut-stuffed limes for a sweet treat and an escape from the ordinary.


coconut-meta-curryshrimp.jpgRecipe: Coconut curry and shrimp
Spice things up with Sophie Dahl's recipe for creamy coconut curry and shrimp.

Coconut-meta-chickencurry.jpgOne-pot coconut chicken curry recipe
Apples give this curry a unique sweet and savoury taste.

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Flavourful coconut recipes