Hearty root vegetable recipes

Hearty root vegetable recipes Author: Style At Home


Hearty root vegetable recipes

Incorporate more seasonal veggies into your meals with our helpful list of savoury and delicious root vegetable recipes.

metapage-root-vegetables.jpg Slow-roasted root vegetables
At a loss for hearty side dishes? Try slow-roasting your winter veggies for a delicious dish.

metapage-rootveg-carrots.jpg Grilled carrot salad
Bring out the juicy sweetness in carrots with this grilled salad recipe.

metapage-rootveg-potpie.jpg Root vegetable pot pie
A scrumptious pot pie recipe made with hearty root vegetables.

metapage-rootveg-soup.jpg Rustic butternut squash and cannellini bean soup
This easy to make vegetable soup is good for both large and small meals.

metapage-rootveg-squash.jpg Martha Stewart's baked squash halves
Martha Stewart's easy way to serve warm and hearty baked squash.

metapage-rootveg-squash-soup.jpg Curried butternut squash and red lentil soup
Pair with crunchy crackers and you've got a tasty, and hearty meal for a cold Winter night.

metapage-rootveg-squashs.jpg Butternut squash with thyme and cider
Butternut squash braised in a slow cooker makes it flavourful and tender.

metapage-rootveg-veggies.jpg Cider glazed roasted vegetables
These roasted veggies make the perfect side to any meal.

metapage-rootveggie-tart.jpg Sweet and sour vegetable tart
A variety of spices make this veggie dish a healthy treat.

metapage-rootveggie-celery.jpg Barefoot Contessa's rich celery root puree
Ina Garten's rich celery root puree is an escape from the ordinary.

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Hearty root vegetable recipes