Holiday appetizers

Holiday appetizers

Holiday appetizers Author: Style At Home


Holiday appetizers

App-bacon.jpgRecipe: Crispy bacon-wrapped stuffed dates
Bring a little Spanish flavour to this Christmas appetizer.

App-crab.jpg Recipe: Fresh crab and avocado dip with crispy tortillas
This recipe is simple yet elegant and makes an easy appetizer when you're serving guests in a hurry.

App-crostini.jpg Recipe: Seafood crostini
Cook this seafood and tomato appetizer on the raclette grill top. Sprinkling the heated grill with a little salt before cooking ingredients helps prevent food from sticking.

App-eggplant.jpg Recipe: Sweet roasted pepper tartlets
Spicy eggplant and sweet peppers combine with creamy ricotta to make a delicious appetizer.

App-piccolo.jpg Recipe: Piccolo Caprese picks with quick basil aioli
The beloved Italian salad goes mini-on-a-pick.

App-rolls.jpg Recipe: Fresh rolls with spicy almond dipping sauce
Try these healthy and delicious fresh rolls for a light dinner or appetizer.

App-shrimp-pop.jpg Vietnamese shrimp pops with peanut sauce
Fire up the grill for these simply scrumptious shrimp skewers.

app-puff.jpg Recipe: Pistachio and chive goat cheese on puff pastry wafers
This assortment of cheeses on wafer make a good light snack.

app-eggs.jpg Recipe: Curried deviled eggs
The addition of curry gives traditional deviled eggs a sensational kick.

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Holiday appetizers