Nigella Lawson recipes

Nigella Lawson recipes

Nigella Lawson recipes Author: Style At Home


Nigella Lawson recipes

MP-Nigella.jpg 1 Amaretto syllabub
Light as air and sinfully decadent, this delightful dessert from Nigella is spiked with a touch of amaretto liqueur.

2 Pomegranate ice cream
Nigella demystifies the process of ice cream making with this simple recipe.

3 Cherry cheesecake
This no-bake cheesecake has easy written all over it! Prepare it the night before a dinner party for a stress-free evening.

4 Sticky gingerbread
Though traditionally served at Christmas, this gingerbread recipe is delish at any time of year.

5 Maple pecan bundt cake
Nigella's simple solution for a tea time treat is also perfect served with ice cream to top off a dinner party.

6 Three seasonal salads
These three salad recipes from Nigella are as flavourful as they are beautiful!

7 Super-juicy roast turkey
This bird may take some time to prepare but the end result is worth the effort. This will be the juiciest (and yummiest) turkey you've ever had!

8 Spanish chicken
An easy recipe with loads of flavour. The chicken takes on the spices of the chorizo in this oven-cooked meal.

9 Vietnamese pork noodle soup
This Nigella recipe will warm you up when the chill sets in. Give it a try when you're craving chicken soup!

10 Incredibly easy chocolate fruitcake

Nigella updates traditional fruitcake with a dash of chocolate!

11 Puddini bonbons
Christmas pudding is given a second chance in this super simple Nigella recipe.



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Nigella Lawson recipes